SES-AM provides services in the central-south and east areas of Manaus


Photograph: Douglas Santos/SES-AM

The Health Support Trucks of the Government of Amazonas are providing services in the central-south and eastern areas of Manaus, for mammography and ultrasound exams. In total, the two Mobile Units should serve around 4 thousand people. The service, carried out by the State Department of Health of Amazonas (SES-AM), began this Monday (1/04).

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The trucks are installed in the parking areas of Amazonas Shopping, on Avenida Djalma Batista, Chapada, central-south zone; and Shopping São José, on Avenida Cosme Ferreira, São José Operário neighborhood, east zone.

The service is aimed at patients who have already passed through the Basic Health Units (UBSs) and have authorization for referral from the Amazonas Regulatory Complex.

According to the Secretary of State for Health, Nayara Maksoud, the purpose of mobile service is to further expand the capacity to offer exams, in the public network, which are important for detecting diseases and early treatment.

Services are provided from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 5pm. At Amazonas Shopping, the Mobile Unit will operate until April 19th, with the expectation of receiving approximately 1,700 patients.

At Shopping São José, the service will run until April 26th, and should benefit 2,200 already regulated patients.

Every month, the Mobile Units are moved to different areas of the city, taking exams closer to the population, facilitating access and expanding the reach of health actions, explains secretary Nayara Maksoud.

In the case of mammography, the exam allows the early identification of changes suspected of cancer, which is important for the patient to begin treatment immediately, increasing the chances of a cure. Ultrasonography, in turn, helps in the diagnosis of various diseases.

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