Benjamin Netanyahu undergoes surgery to remove a hernia today

Benjamin Netanyahu undergoes surgery to remove a hernia today
Benjamin Netanyahu undergoes surgery to remove a hernia today

The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netalyahu, undergoes medical surgery this Sunday (31). According to information sent by members of his office, he will have to remove a hernia. The intervention will be carried out under “general anesthesia” after a diagnosis carried out yesterday (30/3). Yariv Lavin, deputy prime minister and justice minister, will serve as acting prime minister while Netanyahu is away.

According to Netanyahu’s office, the hernia was identified after carrying out a “routine examination” on Saturday night.

The Israeli prime minister, currently 74 years old, will undergo surgery under general anesthesia. At a press conference, Netanyahu assured earlier today that he will return to work “very soon” after the surgery.

Meanwhile, the interim leadership of the Israeli Government will be handed over to Yariv Levin, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice of Israel.

In July 2023, Benjamin Netanyahu was hospitalized after fainting and underwent surgery to implant a pacemaker.

The longest-serving Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu has been facing, for almost half a year, one of the biggest crises in the country’s history following the Hamas attack on October 7, with much criticism of the Israeli executive’s actions since then.

Following this attack, which killed more than 1,100 Israelis, Israeli forces launched a war in the Gaza Strip, an enclave that the Palestinian Islamist movement has controlled since 2007. After several months of bombings and a humanitarian crisis with no end in sight, with more than 30,000 dead in Gaza, Hamas continues to hold hostages and a ceasefire agreement has not yet been reached.

Today a protest march is taking place in Jerusalem in which the families of hostages kidnapped by Hamas will also participate. The action begins this Sunday and should last for four days.

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