Back in Brazil, Lulu Santos presents ‘Baritone’ in Rio

Back in Brazil, Lulu Santos presents ‘Baritone’ in Rio
Back in Brazil, Lulu Santos presents ‘Baritone’ in Rio
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Back in Brazil, Lulu Santos presents ‘Baritone’ in Rio

Back in Brazil, after debuting in U.S
singer and songwriter Lulu Santos
will make a single performance of his new tour

in day April 13th
at the Rio de Janeiro
at home Qualistage
. The repertoire includes the greatest hits of the artist’s career and recent releases.

Tickets, which cost from R$80
can be purchased at


Lulu Santos
The Baritone tour, which celebrates his 70 years of life
. The name refers to the intermediate male voice, which lies between the bass vocal ranges.

“I belatedly admitted several important things about myself, including the fact that I am a baritone, a singer with a low vocal range”
explains Lulu Santos
. “Since I ‘assumed’ this condition, as often happens with these things, it has made my life and art enormously easier. The first step was in 2000 when I recorded and released the album Acústico, there, for comfort and wisdom, I lowered a good part of the tone. of the repertoire and it worked perfectly. Now, 20 years later, I realized that if I lowered it one more tone, some songs became singable again without any surprises or effort. I’m a Baritone with passion, I like the bass, I like how my voice sounds in this region. It’s With this intention and purpose we arrived at this show in which we offer, as usual, our best. I can’t wait to present it to you.”

And he concluded: “The key to this understanding was ‘Esse sparkle in your eyes’, from the album ‘O Ritmo do Momento’, which has never been so comfortable and within my reach since I made it in 1983.”

Lulu Santos
has more than 40 years of career
and owns classics that have guided Brazilian rock and pop over the decades, such as
Modern Times, A Certain Someone, Home (The Eternal Return)

It is

Certain things


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