Investigated by the PF, Bolsonaro remains silent on the anniversary of the dictatorship


Former president was the target of an operation for an alleged coup attempt; In the past, he has praised the military regime

Despite his administration having glorified the 1964 coup during the 4 years he spent as President, Jair Bolsonaro (PL) decided to remain silent on social media on the 60th anniversary of the beginning of the military regime in Brazil. He did not speak publicly on the matter until 10:20 pm this Sunday (March 31, 2024).

O former president is targeted investigation of the Federal police authorized by the STF (Supreme Federal Court) regarding an alleged coup attempt. During the event he held in February in the city of São Paulo, he asked his supporters not to carry posters or materials advocating positions considered anti-democratic.

Bolsonaro’s attitude during the anniversary of the 1964 coup can be read as an attempt not to draw attention to matters related to the investigation.

Read below what Bolsonaro declared about the establishment of the military regime during his presidency:

  • 2019 – Palácio do Planalto released a video in favor of the coup. “The Army saved us. There is no denying it and all of this happened on a day like today. March 31st. You can’t change history.”says the advertising piece;

  • 2020 – Bolsonaro classified March 31st as “the great day of freedom” when talking to supporters. His deputy at the time, General Hamilton Mourão (Republicanos-RS) spoke out in favor of the dictatorship;
  • 2021 – the then Minister of Defense, General Walter Braga Netto, said it was necessary to celebrate the coup as a movement that allowed “pacify the country”;
  • 2022 – declared that the idea of ​​launching a coup would be misleading. “What happened that day? Anything? History records no president losing his mandate on that day.”.

When Bolsonaro was a federal deputy, he kept photos of the presidents who ruled Brazil during the dictatorship. See the photo below:

Fernando Rodrigues/Poder360 – 22.mar.2018

Bolsonaro in his office when he was a federal deputy in 2018


On the dictatorship’s anniversary Sunday, Bolsonaro shared a post about Easter on his social networks:


The corporation’s premise is that Bolsonaro and his allies would have tried to invalidate the result of the 2022 election even before the election took place.

One of the PF’s hypotheses is that the former president and his allies would have tried to fulfill this objective with a state of siege decree and a GLO (Guarantee of Law and Order).

Bolsonaro denies the accusations. During the event he called in São Paulo, he spoke of an attempt at political persecution. He stated that he takes “blow” since before the 2018 elections and who spent 4 years persecuted.

“What is a scam? It’s a tank in the street, a weapon, a conspiracy. It’s bringing political classes to your side, business classes. None of this was done in Brazil”he stated.

Bolsonaro stated that in order to adopt a state of siege it is necessary to convene the Republic and Defense councils. “That happened? No”. He also said that it would be necessary to send a proposal to Congress. “It is Parliament that decides whether or not the president can issue a state of siege decree”he declared.

Little more than the majority of the population appears to trust the PF thesis. A Datafolha survey released on Friday (29 March) indicates that 55% of Brazilians think that Bolsonaro tried to continue as President with a coup. Another 39% say he did not seek to maintain his position in this way. A total of 7% were unable to answer.

The company interviewed 2,002 people from March 19 to 20, 2024 in 147 Brazilian cities. The margin of error is 2 percentage points.

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