‘Not even Jesus pleased everyone’

‘Not even Jesus pleased everyone’
‘Not even Jesus pleased everyone’

Camila Moura, ex-wife of Lucas Buda from “BBB 24”, refuted accusations that the end of their marriage was a marketing ploy or something agreed between the two. This Tuesday, the 2nd, she denied that she was being opportunistic, using the end of the relationship to engage on Instagram and advertise.

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“I’m starting from the premise that not even Jesus pleased everyone, right? So I won’t be the one to please. People have the right to have their opinion and think what they want, that doesn’t mean I’m what they say” , said Camila in her Instagram stories when responding to a follower.

The teacher, who has now become an influencer, and who has more than 3 million followers, stated that she will not fall under the label that people want to give her. Camila said that if she had remained silent when she saw her husband flirting with Pitel on the program, she would have been labeled a meek cuckold by those same people.

2 of 4 Camila Moura is the ex-wife of ex-BBB Lucas Buda — Photo: Trumpas
Camila Moura is the ex-wife of ex-BBB member Lucas Buda — Photo: Trumpas

“If I kept quiet, at home, I would be a meek cuckold. I chose to defend myself, I became an opportunist, so people need to tax, put others in little boxes, put labels on them. I’m not willing to take on anyone’s label, I want to leave this process that I am living now, with the same dignity with which I entered. The priority is me, me and me”, he stated.

Dispute over social media in Luas Buda

The fight between Camila Moura and Lucas Buda’s family from “BBB 24” continues to rage outside the house. Lawyer and ex-BBB Adélia Soares, who represents the brother’s ex-wife, refuted accusations that her client has “kidnapped” or that she does not want to return Lucas’ social networks and personal passwords to family members. Adélia, who participated in the 16th edition of the reality show, is known as a lawyer for celebrities. The professional highlighted that, legally, the teacher and historian cannot hand over Buddha’s belongings without his authorization.

“Talking about the latest articles I read and specifically about Lucas’ family, who started to take a stand on the internet, because until then Camila hadn’t opened her mouth to talk about it. The family started to make several accusations (… ) Let me put the legal context of the whole situation. I want to make it very clear at this first moment that I was the one who didn’t allow her to hand over her cell phone, access to the networks, and everything else that Lucas left with her”, began the lawyer in a video on Instagram. On the social network, she also made it clear that she did not want to take a position, but that she felt it was necessary since her client has been attacked and accused unfairly.

3 of 4 After the threat of a lawsuit, Camila Moura meets with ex-BBB and lawyer Adélia Soares — Photo: Instagram
After the threat of a lawsuit, Camila Moura meets with ex-BBB and lawyer Adélia Soares — Photo: Instagram

Adélia continued explaining why she instructed Camila not to hand over what Lucas left in her responsibility through a power of attorney. According to the lawyer, the attitude is just a matter of legality so that the teacher does not face legal problems in the future.

“For Camila, I understand that it would be interesting, one less burden, for her to have to continue caring for and protecting Lucas’ assets. The mandate contract, once granted to a person, only they have the power to revoke this power of attorney. Camila simply cannot take his things and give them to other people, under penalty of having to answer for it. She has never refused to hand them over as long as it is done correctly”, he explained.

Buda’s ex ended the marriage after seeing flirting scenes between the participant and Pitel, a fellow prisoner. Since then, Camila has gained many followers on social media, totaling more than 3 million on her Instagram alone. The professor has been earning money from all the exposure, making “publications” and partnerships with big brands. She herself uses the phrase “Women don’t cry anymore, women make money”, an excerpt from a song by singer Shakira.

Married to Lucas Buda, from “BBB 24”, she is successful on the web

It turns out that the movement of the newest influencer is not being welcomed by Lucas Buda’s family. They consider Camila’s attitude as a form of lynching and depreciation of the brother’s image, who is still confined and has no idea what is happening outside the house. Buda’s family is already taking extrajudicial measures against his ex, who was notified about the action.

4 of 4 Camila Moura and Lucas Buda from ‘BBB 24’ — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram
Camila Moura and Lucas Buda from ‘BBB 24’ — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

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