BBB 24! Davi takes a shower with Alane and the web reacts: ‘he got excited’

BBB 24! Davi takes a shower with Alane and the web reacts: ‘he got excited’
BBB 24! Davi takes a shower with Alane and the web reacts: ‘he got excited’

The participant of “BBB 24”, David Brito, is being massacred on social media. It turns out that internet users accuse the brother of getting excited after taking a shower with his Alana. The scene was recorded while Davi dried himself after leaving the box, last Sunday (31).

The ballerina and Davi were wearing pool costumes, in the main shower of the house. The Bahian then takes the towel and starts drying himself outside. Even in swim trunks, it was possible to notice the protruding volume, according to fans of the reality show.

On the internet, users said: “It’s unbelievable what a mess they put on this boy, this video is going viral now, when David went to take a shower with Alane and literally got HARD, and don’t even tell me that this is normal because it isn’t, if it were any other participant they would be crucified.” “He has a crush on Alane, I realized a long time ago. He’s very naughty.”

Last Saturday (30), in conversation with Alane Dias, the Bahian wanted to know if the dancer would sleep with him: “Are you going to sleep with me today?” , affectionate, I want to sleep with you today. I separated a corner just for you and me, so take a shower there quickly so we can lie down.”

The conversation took place after the party, when Davi and Beatriz consoled Alane, who was afraid of being eliminated from “BBB 24”. When they were in the room, still waiting to take a shower, Davi insisted that Alane lay down as she was, even after she had sweated at the party. The brother’s attitude was criticized by internet users, mainly because Davi has a relationship outside the house.

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