FENAJ and Fundacentro launch research on journalists’ mental health


Launch of the survey is part of FENAJ’s actions to mark Journalist’s Day, celebrated on April 7

On April 9, 2024, from 2 pm, at the Fundacentro headquarters, in São Paulo, the presentation of the National Survey on mental health conditions of journalists will be held, a project developed by the institution and the National Federation of Journalists ( FENAJ), with the support of the Public Ministry of Labor (MPT). The launch is part of FENAJ’s actions to mark Journalist’s Day, celebrated on April 7th.

The proposal is to identify, through quantitative and qualitative research, the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and new work arrangements, deepened from the 2017 labor reform. From 2019 to 2022, direct attacks on the category were made by the Bolsonaro government , especially women and those who work for large media companies, newspapers, TV and portals, actions that have certainly had consequences for the mental health of journalists in the country.

The term mental health here is understood as a set of factors that contribute to the general well-being of human beings and their physical and emotional balance. The absence or limitation of these conditions tends to cause mental suffering, which has consequences for both professional performance and various aspects of social and private life, with psychosocial consequences.

With this project, FENAJ and its 31 affiliated unions, together with Fundacentro, want to identify such impacts, which should contribute to supporting parallel research that is already taking place in the field of mental health and work. The results will help to formulate union policies and negotiate with employers, aiming to improve general and subjective working conditions. The aim is to encourage the creation of new laws that protect work from harassment and pressure, with a consequent improvement in collective mental health.


2pm | Opening table
Pedro Tourinho – president of Fundacentro
Paulo Zocchi – vice-president of FENAJ
Juliana Mombelli – attorney at the MPT (Public Ministry of Labor) and member of Codemat (National Coordination for the Defense of the Work Environment).

2:30 pm | Debate on mental health and working conditions in Brazil
José Roberto Heloani – professor at the Faculty of Education at the State University of Campinas, in the area of ​​Management, Health and Subjectivity.
Cristiane Reimberg – journalist at Fundacentro with research on mental health and journalists’ work.
Cynthia S. Lopes – MPT attorney and member of Codemat.
Norian Segatto – Secretary of Health and Safety at FENAJ.

3:30 pm | Presentation of the research project
Marcelo Kimati – advisor to the presidency of Fundacentro, working in the areas of mental health and work, solidarity economy and organization of public health systems.

4pm | Press conference

4:30 pm | Final considerations

With information from Fundacentro

The article is in Portuguese

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