Ex-wife of Lucas Buda, from BBB 24, reveals health problems after exposure

Ex-wife of Lucas Buda, from BBB 24, reveals health problems after exposure
Ex-wife of Lucas Buda, from BBB 24, reveals health problems after exposure

Camila Moura decided to clarify on social media whether or not she intends to get back together with Lucas Buda after he leaves BBB 24. In a box of questions, the teacher explained some statements and highlighted that she faced health problems due to the exposure of the case.

“Lucas has wavered with me before regarding fidelity in marriage and he knew that if he did it again he would not be forgiven,” says Camila. She highlights that she decided to come clean after seeing that her husband exposed the affair, which only they and their respective therapists knew about, within the reality show.

Camila says she had some health problems because of the exposure. “It’s obvious that I’m afraid of any kind of repercussion and criticism because I’m a human being. Nobody likes to go on Instagram and see someone insulting you. Even more so because throughout the beginning of this process I was very ill”, he says.

According to Camila, she had a urinary tract infection, an anxiety attack at an airport and faced difficult moments “in private”, that is, at home and with friends. “I go to therapy and intensified my frequency in this last period of my life […] I take great care of my mental health.”

“I still am [mal] with the situation. On social media you see clippings”, he adds.


Camila clarifies that she will divorce Lucas. “The divorce is already happening, Dr. Adélia had already talked about it too. I understand that ‘the future belongs to God’ may imply a margin of this kind, but it was not my intention to imply a return, a reconciliation, whatever it may be”, she points out.

The teacher concludes: “The paper is already being made and Ferreira will leave my name right now.”

Flirts with Pitel

Camila Moura defined her husband Lucas’ flirtations with Giovanna Pitel on BBB 24 like treason. Since his closeness with his sister, the history teacher, who was unemployed, opened her profile on Instagram, went from 1 thousand to 3 million followers on the social network and has been profiting from advertising.

Lucas’s first flirtation with Pitel occurred at a BBB 24 partywhen he commented: “I’ll just say one thing: Bahia, you messed me up, I freaked out about your nagô color, your guide.”

After watching the images, Camila took a stand against her husband and cheered for David. “You may not agree, but, for me, cheating is not just kissing on the mouth, having sex, physical contact. Lucas came in knowing that. From the moment you have the intention, that you have the flirtation and are there to do everything or nothing to win over the person, for me, Camila, this is betrayal, a breach of trust”, she said in a video posted online Social.

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