8 bizarre lies told by famous movie stars and actors

8 bizarre lies told by famous movie stars and actors
8 bizarre lies told by famous movie stars and actors

Let anyone who has never told a white lie to get out of an embarrassing situation or an inconvenient person cast the first stone. Some of these lies may even get out of hand, but others end up being funny and unpretentious enough to make good stories later. With that in mind, we took advantage of the April Fools’ Day to remember eight funny or curious stories already told by famous actors, and which later ended up being denied.

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Robert Pattinson and the Clown

While promoting the film ‘Water for Elephants’ (2011), Robert Pattinson told Today that he witnessed a traumatic event: “The first time I went to the circus, one of the clowns died when his car exploded. Everyone ran and it was horrible “, he declared. A week later, when promoting the film in Germany, the actor was asked again about the story and ended up telling the truth: “I said that, but, in fact, I made it all up”, he confirmed.

However, as a good representative of April 1st, in 2011, during an interview with presenter Jimmy Kimmel, Pattinson admitted that it was all just a big lie.

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Does anyone have a shampoo to lend?

Apparently in love with the chaos, Pattinson has already been caught in another lie. In 2009, he told the Extra portal that he didn’t see the point in washing his hair and that he didn’t care if his locks were clean or dirty. The controversial speech ended up haunting Pattinson for much of his career. In 2022, he told GQ magazine that he used to make up stories in interviews simply to have something to say.

Lindsay Lohan and community service

Lindsay Lohan stars in ‘The Irish Request’, Netflix’s new romantic comedy

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In her turbulent years, LiLo was sentenced to 240 hours of community service in a morgue. She told The Telegraph that she needed to close body bags, and that she even did this with the bag that carried the body of singer Whitney Houston. It was up to a morgue employee to deny the story, telling TMZ that the singer had not even been placed in such a bag.

Dakota Johnson, will you have a lemon?

In 2020, during a tour of her apartment for Architectural Digest magazine, the ‘Madame Teia’ actress said, quite exaggeratedly, that the reason she has a basket of lemons on her kitchen counter is because she loves the fruit. “I love lemons,” she exclaimed. “I love them, they are amazing! I love them so much that I like to display them like this in my home.” The expression, of course, was an exaggerated joke. A year later, she told Jimmy Fallon that she is actually allergic to the fruit.

Jussie Smollett’s chaos

In 2019, the actor claimed to have been a victim of hate crime and homophobic and racist attacks in Chicago. Waves of shock and outrage swept across the world after he claimed he was doused in a chemical substance and had a rope tied around his neck. During police investigations, it was revealed that everything was a lie, and Smollett ended up being convicted of interfering with police work.

Ben Affleck and his back tattoo

Ben Affleck acting reluctantly in Hypnotic: Invisible Menace (Image: Disclosure/Diamond Films)

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It was December 2015 when Ben Affleck was first photographed sporting a massive tattoo on his back. The following year, the actor said that the art was fake, and that it was part of a character for a film. In 2019, when he was interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres, the actor finally admitted that the drawing was not fake, and that it had great meaning for him.

Mila Kunis, how old are you?

When she auditioned for the series ‘That 70’s Show’, Mila Kunis said she was going to turn 18. However, she was still 14 years old at the time, and had to reveal the lie when signing a contract for the character Jacke Burkhart. Fortunately, the producers had enjoyed her audition so much that she was eventually forgiven for the lie.

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Eddie Redmayne and the horses

When director Tom Hooper asked Eddie Redmayne if he had ever ridden a horse when the actor was cast in the series ‘Elizabeth I’, he replied yes, without explaining that the event had only happened once during his childhood. Two weeks later, during filming in Lithuania, the star had to tell the truth, and ended up in a riding lesson. The lesson was learned: Redmayne never lied during a casting audition again.

Trickster’s Prank?

Among the two Oscars received by the production is best actor for Joaquin Phoenix.

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In 2008, the star of ‘Joker’ (2019) surprised everyone by announcing that the film ‘Lovers’ would be his last work as an actor and that he would become a rapper. Two years later, it was revealed that it was all just an act for the documentary “I’m Still Here”, directed by Casey Affleck, which showed how he deceived everyone with this story.

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