Christiane Torloni leaves Globo after 50 years


In a surprising move, Christiane Torloni shook social media this Monday by announcing the end of her long journey at TV Globo. The announcement comes after her fun participation in “The Masked Singer Brasil”, which served as a stage to communicate her decision. “And with this very fun moment I end, with a flourish, my partnership with TV Globo, which in the 1970s was called Venus Platinada!”, declared Torloni.

In this reflective moment, the actress made a point of remembering the highlights of her career at the network, including her first protagonist in “Gina” in 1978. “I am proud to have lived through the Golden Era of a company that had the best of its time !”, he expressed. She also mentioned iconic characters such as Teresa Cristina, Jô and Dinah, demonstrating the richness and diversity of their roles over the years.

A Successful Career

Torloni took the opportunity to share an important milestone: in 2025, she will complete 50 years of an uninterrupted career, a true testament to her dedication and talent. His debut on Globo soap operas in 1976 marked the beginning of an era of success that will continue, even outside the network.

What is Globo’s New Contract Model?

Recently, Globo implemented significant changes to its contracts. This new model allows former in-house talent to return for specific projects, keeping the door open for future collaborations. Fátima Bernardes perfectly exemplifies this model. After leaving “Encontro”, she announced that she will return to the broadcaster for specific projects, and she already has the leadership of new realities in her hands.

A Look to the Future

Christiane was full of gratitude when talking about her journey: “I am grateful to everyone who contributed and who continues to support me!” She also highlighted the importance of her art as consolation and hope for the most diverse audiences, reflecting on her vocation and the path she intends to follow.

The work-based contracts strategy adopted by Globo reflects a dynamism in the world of broadcasting, allowing talents such as Torloni and Bernardes explore new opportunities, while keeping the door open for future collaborations. This scenario opens up a range of possibilities not only for artists, but also for the public, who will be able to continue enjoying the talent of these stars on various platforms and projects.

With a promising future ahead and a career full of significant milestones, Christiane Torloni remains firm on her artistic journey, taking with her the experience and memories of decades of success at TV Globo. Her legacy will undoubtedly remain as a source of inspiration for new generations.

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