Who will take Eliana’s place on SBT? See what is known

Who will take Eliana’s place on SBT? See what is known
Who will take Eliana’s place on SBT? See what is known

SBT will have approximately two months to make a decision on what the Sunday schedule will look like with Eliana’s departure. The presenter, who has been in the house for 15 years, announced this Monday (1) the end of her contract with Silvio Santos’ broadcaster. Now, some names are being raised to take their place in the lineup. See what is known!

According to SBT, the decision to end the contract, which is up to the presenter herself, occurred “in a mutual and friendly way”. On Silvio Santos’ station, the presenter ran “Eliana’s Program”, which is shown on Sundays and Eliana will remain until June.

Until then, the broadcaster still needs to decide who will take the presenter’s place. A Itatiaia, the channel leaves open the search for a new name to command the schedule on Sundays. “SBT has not yet decided on a possible replacement, as soon as the new Sunday schedule is decided we will announce it. We have until the month of June”, informs the press office.

It is worth remembering that Eliana was previously replaced by Helen Ganzarolli, in 2011, when the presenter took a period of maternity leave for her firstborn. Then, during a second pregnancy, Patrícia Abravanel took over the program.

Silvio Santos has already commented that his daughter would throw a party when Eliana left the station. “Look, if Eliana leaves SBT, Patrícia will have a party at her house. She already has up to 100 guests,” he said, in an interview with journalist Roger Turchetti, on YouTube in 2022.

Another name that has been mentioned for replacement is Chris Flores. The journalist arrived at SBT in 2016 and in October 2023 she left “Fofocalizando”. Chris recently confirmed that he remains on the network, even without being on a program on the schedule.

Understand the reason

According to SBT, Eliana “decided that it was time for a new phase with other professional challenges”. The channel highlighted that the blonde “will continue to be Godmother of the Telethon and is keen to return to the station to present the fundraising program for AACD”.

The broadcaster concludes: “SBT also reinforces its affection and support for the presenter in whatever paths she intends to follow, and informs that the doors will always be open for her”.


Eliana began her career at the end of the 80s. However, it was in 1991 that she arrived at SBT to lead children’s programs. In her first stint on the channel, Eliana presented content aimed at this audience for seven years.

In 1998, she was hired by TV Record, also to lead children’s programs. However, in 2005, she made a big career change. At the time, she decided to migrate to the adult audience and took on “Tudo É Possível”, which turned out very well.

The following year, Silvio Santos invited her to return to the channel, where she debuted the program that she still runs today. It displays pictures aimed at the whole family, involving service provision and entertainment.

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