Crooked and yellowed teeth: Charles’ oral health becomes a topic on the web


As usual, some senior members of British royalty participated in the traditional Easter mass in Windsor this Sunday (31/3). The troupe was led by King Charles III. This was his first public commitment since announcing his cancer diagnosis. On the occasion, the sovereign greeted his subjects and was full of smiles, dispelling buzz about his health.

Charles appeared at the Easter event accompanied by his wife, Queen Camilla, and other relatives, such as brothers Anne and Edward. At one point, the king waved to the crowd and smiled, which caused a stir on social media. It’s not new that the color and position of the monarch’s teeth have been stirring the web.

King charles, swollen fingers, cholestorol swollen fingers

King Charles III visits laboratory at Cambridge University on May 9
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King Charles III and Emmanuel Macron

King Charles III and Emmanuel Macron, upon the monarch’s arrival in France
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Color photo of elderly, smiling white man in British military attire - Metrópoles
King Charles

Internet users criticized the British monarch’s teeth
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King Charles III

King Charles’ teeth moved the web
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According to internet users, Charles’ teeth are yellowed and quite crooked, demonstrating a lack of hygiene and care. “With so much money and all your teeth are crooked. Only Brazil really values ​​oral health, you know?”, wrote a user in a post on Instagram.

Another internet user highlighted that it is a British norm not to take as much care of oral health: “Dentists are practically non-existent for them here, regardless of social class, they don’t care about their teeth”. A third took the opportunity to address King Charles’ personal hygiene. “I don’t think these people even take baths,” he maintained.

Another user on the social network joked about smelling the monarch’s neck: “Imagine a “xero” on the scruff? There’s a way not to. God me free“. Currently, King Charles is undergoing treatment for cancer. The type has not been announced by Buckingham Palace.

Photo of elderly woman in green clothes and hat next to elderly man in long black coat - Metrópoles
Queen Camilla and King Charles

Cancer treatment

In a report, the Cancer Institute of the State of São Paulo (Icesp) reinforced that patients undergoing cancer treatment should take extra care with their oral health. The therapy used can cause side effects, leaving teeth, gums and mucous membranes sensitive.

Among Icesp’s guidelines is seeing a dentist regularly. “Regular consultations with the dentist are always essential. In the case of cancer patients, this need is even greater. These people should receive special dental care for life”, explained dental surgeon Thais Brandão, from Icesp.

In the photo, King Charles II with his mouth tightened - Metrópoles
Click from Charles in November last year

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