USA moves US$ 2 billion in Bitcoin and generates fear of a new cryptocurrency sell-off


The United States government transferred 30,175 units of Bitcoin (BTC) on Tuesday morning (2) to a wallet on the Coinbase exchange, according to intelligence firm Arkham Intelligence. The amount is the equivalent of US$2 billion, according to the cryptocurrency’s price this morning, at US$66 thousand.

The digital assets are linked to funds seized by the United States Department of Justice from Silk Road, a former marketplace for illegal Internet products. dark web that accepted cryptocurrencies as payment.

US authorities confiscated 69,370 Bitcoins from marketplace in 2020. At the time, the government said in a statement that “the seizure represents the largest cryptocurrency confiscation in the agency’s history.”

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The transfer of cryptos to exchanges signals a possible sale. The last time the US government adopted such a strategy was in late 2022, when it disposed of 9,861 digital currencies, valued at US$216 million at the time.

The US is the sixth largest holder of Bitcoin in the world, with 207,189 units of the cryptocurrency, worth approximately US$13.8 billion. The country is second only to the publicly traded company Microstrategy (MSTR), the Binance exchange, two ETF (index fund) managers and Satoshi Nakamoto, creator and largest holder of digital currency.

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