Nubank brings loan opportunities to customers with CNPJ

Nubank brings loan opportunities to customers with CNPJ
Nubank brings loan opportunities to customers with CNPJ

O Nubank announced great news for entrepreneurs: the expansion of its credit offer for micro and small companies, through the Capital de Giro product, an unsecured loan modality.

With this further initiative, the digital bank seeks to unlock access to credit for a public that has historically faced difficulties in this aspect.

Loan offer for entrepreneurs

The CEO of Nubank in Brazil, Livia Chanes, announced the expansion of the credit portfolio for legal entities in a press release.

With around 4 million corporate customers, predominantly made up of micro and small companies, the digital bank sees an opportunity to facilitate access to credit for this segment. Livia Chanes highlights: “It is very difficult to get credit as a small business; as MEI, then, it is impossible.”

Facilitating access to credit

Since launching the account for companies in 2019, Nubank has worked to expand its range of products and services aimed at this audience.

Now, with the offer of loans for micro and small entrepreneurs, the digital bank seeks to replicate the success of its credit model for individuals. The idea is to start with unsecured loans and, in the future, expand to other credit products, such as payroll loans.

Offer differences

One of the advantages highlighted by Nubank’s CEO is the risk analysis based on account movement and other variables, which can result in more attractive rates for customers.

Furthermore, the bank is committed to converting individual customers into legal entities, taking advantage of its already solid customer base. This facilitates credit analysis and makes the process more agile and accessible.

Expansion and new features

With a 47% growth in the corporate customer base between 2022 and 2024, Nubank plans to increase its penetration among larger companies as well.

In addition to the cash flow loan, the bank announced three new features for corporate customers: shared access, web access for checking balances and statements and issuing invoices.

Nubank’s initiative to offer loans to micro and small entrepreneurs represents an important step towards unlocking access to credit in this segment.

With a differentiated risk analysis and focus on converting individual clients into corporate clients, the digital bank reaffirms its commitment to being an accessible and innovative option for entrepreneurs Brazilians.

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