Mega-Sena 2707 draws today (2/4) prize of R$ 10.5 million

Mega-Sena 2707 draws today (2/4) prize of R$ 10.5 million
Mega-Sena 2707 draws today (2/4) prize of R$ 10.5 million

Caixa Econômica Federal will draw this Tuesday (2/4), at 8pm, a prize estimated at R$ 10.5 million in contest 2707 of the Mega-Sena. The event takes place at Espaço da Sorte, in São Paulo. O State of Minas will follow tonight’s draw.

No bettor matched the six tens of Mega-Sena 2706, drawn last Saturday (30/3). In this way, the prize accumulated from R$4 million to R$10.5 million. The numbers drawn were: 10 – 11 – 17 – 24 – 30 – 45.

The raffle

Anyone who wants to compete for R$ 10.5 million can now purchase the ticket on the Caixa Lotteries electronic channels (website and app) by logging in with CPF and six-digit password.

Online payment is made via credit card, with a minimum bet combo of R$30 and a maximum of R$945.

Another option is to go to a lottery unit.

Bet value

The minimum Mega-Sena bet costs R$5. According to Caixa, the chance of hitting all six tens with a simple game is 1 in 50,063,860.

Mega allows the selection of up to 15 tens, which makes the value exceed R$ 22.5 thousand, as well as multiplying the chances of winning by five thousand times.

How to play on the website

Access the Loterias Online website

Confirm that you are over 18 years old. Then click “access” in the top right corner. If this is your first access, register. Otherwise, log in using CPF and password

Scroll down and, in the Mega-Sena option, click on the “Bet Now!” icon.

Choose the numbers you want to bet Tell us if you want to bet with more numbers and if you want to activate the surprise and/or stubbornness

When everything is finished, click “add to cart” below

When the total purchase amount exceeds R$30, select the “go to payment” option on the right side

Enter your credit card details and confirm the purchase

After the draw, go to the website, log in and click on “my account”

Then, in “bets” and then in “check bets”

If you have won, the prize you will receive and the withdrawal procedures will appear.

Through the app

Download the Loterias Caixa app, available free of charge for Android and iOS

After introduction, log in or register

On the home screen, locate Mega-Sena and click on “bet”

Select the desired tens and inform if you want to use more numbers and if you want to activate the stubbornness and the surprise

When finished, select “add to betting cart” at the bottom of the screen

Just like on the website, the minimum value is R$30. If you didn’t enter this amount, go back to the beginning and play other games until you reach the amount. When finished, click on “betting cart”

Check the bets and, if everything is ok, go to “proceed to payment method”

Enter your card details and click on “bet and authorize charge”

After the draw, access the application. Open the menu by clicking the button in the top left corner and choose “my area” and then “my bets”. This area will show whether you won or not.

Through Internet Banking

Access the Internet Banking platform with your login and password

Click on lotteries

Choose Mega-Sena and then bet (the limit for this form of betting is R$945 per day, limited to the closing time for placing bets)

Select the number of numbers for your game (from 6 to 10 per card)

Choose your tens and click on “include bet”

If you want, repeat this operation to complete three games and then click “finish”

Then, just enter the six numbers of your electronic password to confirm the payment

Then just go back to the lotteries home screen and click on “my bets” to confirm the games played.

Prize redemption

Prizes can be redeemed at any accredited lottery outlet or at Caixa branches. Gross amounts above R$ 2,112.00 will only be released at the bank, upon presentation of identity document, CPF and betting receipt.

Transfers of amounts equal to or greater than R$10,000.00 will take place within a minimum period of two days after the winner’s presence at the branch.

If the bettor plays online, he will have the option of receiving payment via the Mercado Pago app, with a net value of a maximum of R$1,478.40 (gross of R$2,112.00).

If you think it would be better to go to a lottery unit, you will need to bring the printed receipt of your bet and the six-number redemption code, generated by the Loterias Caixa portal, valid for 24 hours.

The article is in Portuguese

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