Elderly people are SUMMONED after a new pix qrcode and bill barcode scam; understand


With the advancement of technology, new financial scams have also emerged in recent years. Recently, a fraud was updated and again claimed new victims in the country. To prevent more people from falling for the scam, a digital security platform issued an important statement.

Elderly people are SUMMONED after a new pix qrcode and bill barcode scam; understand. (Image: FDR)

The warning warns of the possibility of fraud when paying bills or Pix codes generated by QRCode. The scam happens when the codes are modified and lead to the final payment being diverted.

  • The scam is applied by changing codes;
  • This process takes place through a tool that changes documents attached to emails;
  • In other words, the citizen already receives the document, sent by a real email, with the changed payment code;
  • According to FDR specialist, Laura Alvarenga, criminals do not need to install any type of virus on machines or cell phones, just have access to emails;
  • To avoid the scam, consumers are advised to check who they are making the payment to;
  • This process must be carried out before confirming the sending of money;
  • The citizen must compare whether the person to whom the amounts will be sent corresponds to the person who should receive the payment;
  • In the case of accounts, he must also check whether the recipient matches the beneficiary from previous months;
  • The measures help to ensure that consumers do not fall for the scam;
  • If they find any irregularity, the recommendation is that they seek the official sources responsible for payment;
    When contacting them, they must request a duplicate of the document;
  • If you fall for the scam, the citizen must seek a competent authority and report the case;
  • The measure guarantees extra protection for consumers affected by the scam.

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