An old R$100 note can guarantee R$5,000 in your pocket; see how to find out if you have it in your wallet


R$100 note from the royal first family

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With the exception of the R$200 note – which is almost no longer seen in circulation – the R$100 note is attractive because it represents a high value in Brazilian money. What many don’t know is that their purchasing power can be much greater due to some details that may go unnoticed by less attentive eyes.

We are talking here about R$100 notes from royal first familyprinted in 1994, when the banknotes we know today began to circulate in the country.

Many people use this money as face value, but because they are extremely rare, they can be worth much more than the number printed on the paper.

According to André Rigue, a specialist in the numismatic community, there are five versions of this notewhich vary according to the signatures on the ballot, which are from the Minister of Finance, the President of the Republic and the President of the Central Bank at the time.

“This note can reach a value of R$5,000 if it is in the ‘print flower’ model, which is what notes with maximum quality are called, that is, without any damage”, he details.

How do I know if I have this valuable note in my wallet?

As it looks like a very common R$100 bill, you need to pay attention to the details to find out if you have valuable money in your wallet.

The expert gives the way: You need to keep an eye on the number of the note, more precisely in the first four numbers arranged in the lower right part of the ballot. “[As notas] from the series 1199 to 1201 They are very valuable, because they had a very low circulation, which is why their resale value for collectors is so high”, explains Rigue.

“Still, any banknote from this first family could be worth a lot,” he adds.

Valuable money

Speaking of special and different money, did you know that coins from the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic and Paralympic Games are rare and valuable? Despite being R$1 coins, they can be worth up to R$300.

In addition to coins, banknotes can also be very valuable. This is the case of a R$50 note that does not have the phrase ‘God be praised’ printed on it and, therefore, is extremely rare, costing between R$3,500 and R$4,000 if it is well preserved.

Another much sought after note by collectors is a R$5 note which, due to a small detail, could be worth R$400.

There is also a R$10 note which – also because it has an asterisk in its number – represents a higher value than the number printed on the paper. According to André Rigue, the note in question can be acquired by a collector for up to R$4 thousand depending on the state of conservation. “Many think that the most valuable R$10 banknote is the plastic one, but there are older models that are much more popular”, he points out.

In addition to details, such as symbols in numbering, even one mistake can make your money valuableas is the case of the 50 cent coin which, due to a printing error, was issued as being 5 cents, but which today can be worth up to R$1,800.

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