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Cesar Tralliwhich commands the Newspaper Today, paralyzed the program last Tuesday (02), with a law that affects a giant TV channel. New law banning traffic lights took everyone by surprise.

Despite the advancement of the internet, television is still one of the main media today, with many viewers and a large audience. Therefore, any channel that is restricted shocks the entire world.

Last Tuesday (02), César Tralli stopped Jornal Hoje to comment on a new law that banned a major TV channel. This is the Al-Jazeera TV network in Israel, one of the main networks covering the war in the region.

César Tralli and Cecilia Malan brought information about Al-Jazeera TV (Reproduction: Globo)

“The law approved in Israel allows the temporary closure of the Al-Jazeera TV network”, highlighted the Globo journalist. Then, he invited Celilia Malan to participate, who provided more details on the subject.

“Benjamin Netanyahu’s government continues to take unpopular measures. The target now is the Al-Jazeera TV network, the only one with reporters from the Palestinian territory, as foreign journalists are prevented from entering and seeing the situation with their own eyes,” she highlighted.

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Government decision surprised the channel

Afterwards, Cecilia Malan commented on a strong accusation made by the country’s government against the television network.

Benjamin Netanyahu banned the TV channel's signal (Reproduction/Photo: Ronen Zvulun)
Benjamin Netanyahu banned the TV channel’s signal (Reproduction/Photo: Ronen Zvulun)

“The Israeli parliament yesterday approved the law that allows the banning of foreign networks considered a threat to national security. The government says the channel has close links to Hamas, an accusation the network strongly denies.”

Finally, the journalist concluded by saying all the punishments that Al-Jazeera TV will suffer, at least for the next 45 days, with offices closed and signal blocked.

“The editor-in-chief said that this insinuation, in addition to being ridiculous, is dangerous because it puts his journalists at risk. The new law will ban Al-Jazeera broadcasts in Israel and close local offices for 45 days,” she concluded.

The Al-Jazeera network will have its offices closed for at least 45 days (Reproduction: Globo)
The Al-Jazeera network will have its offices closed for at least 45 days (Reproduction: Globo)

How old is César Tralli?

César Tralli, one of Globo’s main journalists, who ran SPTV for years, is 53 years old. Since Maju Coutinho’s move to Fantástico, he took charge of Jornal Hoje.



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