BBB 24 can repeat BBB 10 with an unusual move. Understand!


Final stretch of BBB 24 could repeat an unexpected and remarkable moment from BBB 10! This is because Lucas Henrique and Giovanna are planning a move if MC Bin Laden is eliminated this Thursday, April 4th. This was revealed while the three were talking in the kitchen after the formation of Paredão.

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“In other words, from Thursday to Sunday it will be me, you and someone else”, said the nutritionist. It was then that the physical education teacher said: “Probably, but if I catch it or you catch it, we have to nominate ourselves. To at least try the last trick.”

“Yeah, you have to do that”, agreed the funk player. “If you or I win the race, we will nominate ourselves. You nominate me or I nominate you to move the game forward. You can go without fear”, assured Lucas, in short. “Of course”, reinforced Giovanna.

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“And whoever ends up in the TOP 6 has the obligation to fight for the TOP 3 by winning two races. You have to win two tests, an endurance test and one more”, added Buda, finally. Giovanna then asked if there would be another endurance test on the reality show.

This already happened on BBB 10!

Well, this wouldn’t be the first time this happened on the reality show. This is because this idea from the BBB 24 participants could repeat a historic act by Fernanda Cardoso on BBB10, in which she nominated her ally, Dicésar, for Paredão.

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Being the Leader at that moment, she chose to send her friend to the hot seat because he would receive votes from his rivals anyway. With that, she surprised everyone and forced Dourado, Lia Khey and Cadu to vote for each other sooner than expected.

“I wanted fire in the playground (laughs). Dicésar would go to the wall anyway and in that final stretch there was already a lot of fighting, a lot of dispute… And that attitude was decisive for me. This gave me a lot of strength, because the public likes these twists,” said Fernanda, during an interview with Jornal Extra in April 2020.

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