Lucas is shaken by the new absence of photos of his wife: “Have you given up on me?”

Lucas is shaken by the new absence of photos of his wife: “Have you given up on me?”
Lucas is shaken by the new absence of photos of his wife: “Have you given up on me?”

Photo: X/Big Brother Brasil / Pipoca Moderna

After winning the lead for the fourth time on “BBB 24”, Lucas Henrique once again noticed the absence of photographs of his wife, Camila Moura. Shaken by the situation, the brother also appeared insecure after the elimination of Giovanna Pitel, identified as the reason for the alleged public betrayal.

This morning (3/4), Buddha was talking to Giovanna Lima in the Leader’s Room, when he noticed the absence of his loved one: “My sisters… There was no photo of Camila again”, lamented the brother, who started looking at the photos in the Leader Center. “The photo we want to come, never comes, right?”, said the nutritionist.

“Yes, but I understand. I think Camila doesn’t want to be exposed, or has she already given up on me?”, asked the capoeirista. But Giovanna refused to digest a separation: “For God’s sake, Buddha. Haven’t you been together for 15 years? Is she going to give up on you now? Help me help you! Nothing to do with it!”

Most hated?

At another point, Lucas also expressed concern about the possibility of being the most hated participant in the edition after Pitel’s elimination. “We don’t recognize each other. Everything Tadeu said, we already knew she was: acidic, sweet… But she didn’t have that idea. Sometimes, you say some things to me that make me go ‘holy shit’, that’s cool’ I’m here and I’m being myself”, he commented.

“It’s f*cking being in this space we are in, under the pressure we are in, playing the way we are playing… It’s f*cking because to achieve your dream you need to erase someone’s dream. […] There are 86 days without seeing my wife, my dogs, my master. I’ve never stayed so long playing capoeira. […] When we reach this point in the championship and see that some choices were not enough to point our story as one that will win a title, on the one hand we try to comfort ourselves by thinking that only one will take the prize, but on the other hand We say: ‘Man, is what I am what Brazil hates?’. Being here because of people’s judgment is really f*cked up!”

Heart asks for help!

Before resting, the Leader of the week still looked for his allies, MC Bin Laden and Giovanna Lima, to let them know that he was not feeling cool on the program. “I’m not well, I’m not well…”, said Buddha, in a tone of concern. “I know you’re not well”, replied the funk singer. “But I’m going to try to sleep, okay? Try to sleep”, continued the capoeirista.

“Anything says hello here, ok? Call me”, declared Giovanna. “If you need to stay outside, I’ll stay with you, okay? I’m a little sleepless too, but try to sleep, take a shower”, added Bin, who was already lying down with the nutritionist.

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