Adriana reveals who Isis’ father is. Find out everything!

Adriana reveals who Isis’ father is. Find out everything!
Adriana reveals who Isis’ father is. Find out everything!

Gathered in the Aranha family’s mountain house to reconstruct Bruno’s death (Luan Argollo), in Elas Por Elas, the protagonists, in addition to Mário (Lazaro Ramos), Jonas (Matthew Solano), Pedro (Alexander Borges), Isis (Rayssa Bratillieri), Giovanni (Filipe Bragança) and Marcos, will solve the mystery that has haunted them for 25 years.

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Some evidence will point the blame to Sérgio (Marcos Caruso), and Natalia (Mariana Santos) will say that Helena’s father (Isabel Teixeira) is suspicious.

However, in addition to denying it, Sérgio will say that the photographer’s word is worthless, after all, she suffers with her mental health. The Aranha patriarch will still claim that he was not at the property on the day of the tragedy.

Who is Isis’s father, in Elas Por Elas

However, Adriana (Thalita Carauta) will say it’s a lie, after all, it was after meeting him on the road that Isis (Rayssa Bratillieri) was generated.

What will happen to them for them

“I haven’t told my part of the story yet”, Adriana will shout, telling how she met Sérgio, after getting off the bus heading to Rio.

“He was very seductive. I gave in… When I woke up the next day, he was no longer there. But he left a 100 dollar bill”, the veterinarian will recall.

“That man was my father, wasn’t he?”, Isis will ask. “It was, my daughter. That man is your father,” she will continue. “I didn’t know his name, who he was… But recently I met this man again. He was at our house, Isis, with Giovanni…”

Elas For Elas: Adriana goes after Sérgio

However, everyone will realize that Sérgio is Isis’s father: “Forgive me, daughter, for not having told you before”, Adriana will ask. “No. It can’t be… Say no”, the young woman will respond, in tears, as she associates the information.

“What is happening here?”, Helena will ask, also indignant. “This man, Helena, that Adriana met, Isis’s father… is her father, Sérgio Aranha”, Jonas will say.

“Sérgio lied”, Adriana will say. “He wasn’t traveling the night Bruno died. And Isis is living proof of that.”

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