See differences between the book and the Netflix series

See differences between the book and the Netflix series
See differences between the book and the Netflix series

Based on the trilogy by Cixin Liu, ‘The 3-Body Problem’ is one of the most watched series on Netflix, but what are the differences between the production and the books?

‘The 3-Body Problem’ premiered in the Netflix catalog on March 21st. Since then, it has continued to be among the most watched on the streaming platform. The narrative is an adaptation of the book of the same name written by Cixin Liu in 2008 — published in Brazil in 2016 by Editora Suma.

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“China, late 1960s. While the entire country is being devastated by the violence of the Cultural Revolution, a small group of astrophysicists, military personnel and engineers begin a top secret project involving sound waves and extraterrestrial beings. A decision made by one of these scientists will change for always the destiny of humanity and, fifty years later, an alien civilization on the verge of collapse plans an invasion. The three-body problem is a chronicle of the human march towards the ends of the universe”, highlights the book’s synopsis.

As is generally the case, adapting a literary work to another type of narrative is always a huge challenge — even more so when it comes to a story as dense as it is. ‘The Three-Body Problem’.

What makes the book and the series different is precisely the complexity in which each one addresses this theme so present in science fiction. Although films have already popularized the subject, representing various alien forms emerging from space without much fanfare or even living in a secret world posing as humans.

However, unlike anything else, ‘The 3-Body Problem’ is not based on that. Scientific, political and social issues are presented that, realistically, would arise in the face of an imminent invasion.

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It is worth mentioning that, if at some point you have already lost your way in the scientific questions shown in the series, the book by Cixin Liu takes the subject in much more detail.

Thus, the series becomes an ‘easier’ experience to swallow, but all this because some small changes were made in relation to the book. Check out the main ones!

The characters

In the work of Cixinthe protagonist of the story is a nanoscientist called Wang Miaowhich discovers the arrival of the Trisolarans on Earth through the online game known as ‘Three Corps’.

While facing the drama of having a countdown in front of your eyes, Miao still discovers the political conspiracy surrounding the existence of the Trisolaris and the entire behind-the-scenes battle over their imminent arrival — crossing the path of the detective Da Shiafter joining his ETO (Terra-Trisolaris Organization) meetings.

Some of the characters from ‘The Three-Body Problem’ – Netflix

Already in ‘The 3-Body Problem’ from Netflix, Wang Miao is divided into five different characters: Auggie Salazar, Jin Cheng, Jack Rooney, Will Downing and Saul Durand; that each share a little of their characteristics.

The video game

The experience of the online game ‘Três Corpos’ described in the book has basically the same issues shown in the series, as reported by Mens Health. But still, there is one detail that differs.

In the book, the protagonist accesses the game through a technologically advanced virtual reality suit. Despite this, the clothing is quite common and well-known in narrative society.

‘The Three-Body Problem’ (2024) – Netflix

In the series, the game is started by a chrome virtual reality helmet. The object is described as a very advanced technology in relation to the most modern technology on Earth. Later, the reason is revealed: the helmet comes directly from the advanced Trisolaran society.

The adaptation

‘The 3-Body Problem’ is just the first book in the trilogy of Cixin Liu. Although the series has the same name, the Netflix production also used elements from the other two books to adapt its first season.

The three books in Cixin Liu’s trilogy – Editora Suma

Only in ‘The Dark Forest’the second book in the saga, for example, is where the idea of ​​the Barreira Program is introduced — shown at the end of the first season.

As for ‘The End of Death’, the adaptation takes some elements from the moment it begins to prepare its future seasons for the invasion of the Trisolians.

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