Davi warns allies after rivals approach in the final stretch of BBB 24

Davi warns allies after rivals approach in the final stretch of BBB 24
Davi warns allies after rivals approach in the final stretch of BBB 24

There are 15 days left until the BBB 24 grand final and the brothers are on alert, as everything can change from now on. Therefore, on Monday afternoon (1), Davi had to warn the allies of the Fadas group about approaching rivals. The app driver asked Alane and Beatriz to “redouble” their attention to the game.

The conversation began with Davi and Matteus in the room, after Alane and Beatriz interact with Pitel on the lawn as they held a themed parade together. “I don’t know people’s real intentions, but the point is this: a week ago, they were falling apart and now they’re in love. You have to be careful”, observed the gaucho. “They’re saying: ‘It’s coming to the end of the game and now whatever will be will be’. Bro, I don’t play like that!”, agreed the Bahian.

Matteus pointed out that the games and interactions between opposing groups can affect the game’s dynamics. “I think it’s risky in the sense of taking away an argument. He spent the whole afternoon playing with the person and arrived at night and broke out in Sincerão”, said the brother. Davi argued: “I’m not going to risk having my teeth open like that, no…”

The two pointed out that they are not going to “distract” people in their coexistence and Davi talked about the conversation he had with Pitel during the afternoon: “She called me there to talk, I gave her some advice, she said to me: ‘No matter how much the people think that what I said might sound like sh*t’… I gave her advice, she asked why I voted for her… But arriving and staying because it’s the end of the game? Meek? No, I know who I am” . Matteus continued: “Even if it’s tame, if the lead falls, the chance of coming here is great.”


Afterwards, the brothers called the sisters to talk about the matter and warned: “I know we are reaching the final stretch of the game, but I, Davi, in my game….”

Alane asked: “Don’t you want to get together?” The app driver explained: “It’s not fraternizing. I know it’s the final stretch of the program, there are 15 days left, everyone is anxious, there are Paredões every two days, but the game isn’t over. The game continues.”

The dancer justified the interaction with Pitel: “But I said: ‘Pitel, what we’re doing isn’t for a game’”. Beatriz pointed out that nothing changes in the dynamics of the program: “I made it very clear to her that she hurt me and I will not shut up. It’s because in Sincerão I’m going to fire the wood!”

Matteus reinforced that they need to be careful not to burn themselves out on the program. “Okay, it’s socializing, but it’s about taking care of yourself because even though it’s a joke, we’re getting closer,” he said. Alane explained this afternoon’s get-together: “I’m scared of going out and not having a Carimbó party here”.

The gaucho added: “My intention is not to be insensitive… I just think we have to take care of ourselves because there are still 2 Sincerões. We spent the whole game debating, not debating, but the game itself adjusted itself to be like this and there were moments when we didn’t even look at each other properly. It’s just a matter of taking care.” Brás’ saleswoman said: “We saw her crying and it moved her.”

Davi concluded the matter: “We are in the final of the game, but we need to pay extra attention, be careful… We are not here to mistreat anyone. Want to talk? Let’s talk! Do you want to talk? Let’s talk!”

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