Marina Ruy Barbosa talks about why she didn’t shave her head


Marina Ruy Barbosa’s name was once again trending on social media, but this time not because of a new performance or project. The actress found herself at the center of a discussion after Bella Campos’ statement about the cost of shaving her hair. The reason? Marina became known for playing a character in “Amor à Vida” (2013) who had cancer and there was a great expectation that the actress would shave her hair, like Carolina Dieckmann in “Laços de Família” (2000).

However, the long-awaited scene never came to fruition. Marina’s character in the soap opera ended up passing away and becoming a kind of “ghost” in the plot. Since then, rumors have circulated that it was the actress herself who refused to change her look, which would have led to the character’s death. A follower even commented on an Instagram page about the need to “clear the cloth” for Bella, but also for Marina, as the subject is still mentioned today.


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Given this, Marina decided to give her version of the facts. On her social networks, she explained that, when she was called to the soap opera, she was promised a great social action about cancer, something that ended up not happening due to changes in the script. According to Marina, the author of the soap opera, Walcyr Carrasco, ended up prioritizing other stories and his character did not shave her hair as initially planned.

The actress highlighted that, given the changes in the script, she spoke with Globo’s management and concluded, together, that it would not make sense to shave her hair in the context that was being presented. She argued that each case is unique and depends on the text, character and story. Her intention was to clarify the controversy and highlight the complexity of artistic decisions within the television universe. Marina’s statement ended, at least for now, the rumors and speculation that involved her in this issue.


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