Eliana resigns from SBT and leaves Silvio Santos’ broadcaster after 15 years

Eliana resigns from SBT and leaves Silvio Santos’ broadcaster after 15 years
Eliana resigns from SBT and leaves Silvio Santos’ broadcaster after 15 years

According to the statement sent by the broadcaster to Pop TV, the end of Eliana’s contract with SBT happens “in a mutual and friendly way”. Silvio Santos’ channel says that the presenter decided to look for other professional challenges, but that the network’s doors are open for the communicator. She will even continue to act as the Telethon’s godmother, and will remain part of the cast of anchors for the charitable campaign, shown by the broadcaster in the second half of the year.

Despite being solid, the relationship between the communicator and the channel had already been showing signs of wear and tear for several months: her program was one of the few that continued with re-presentations of old material, while all of the network’s other attractions had already resumed completely new editions. . In parallel to this, she made little effort to deny the rumors of a possible transfer to Globo, insistently circulated by the market. Her absence was also felt at events to launch SBT’s new programming, which seeks to return to being competitive on Ibope.

São Paulo, 04/01/2024 – SBT, its board of directors and Eliana announce today, in a mutual and friendly manner, the presenter’s decision to end her solid and successful professional partnership with the channel in June 2024.

After almost 15 years at the helm of a consolidated and highly successful program, Eliana decided that it was time for a new phase with other professional challenges, without ever forgetting the countless days of joy, achievements and learning experienced at the station, so much so that it will continue being Godmother of the Telethon and makes a point of returning to the station to present the fundraising program for AACD.

Both parties rightfully express their mutual gratitude and wish the best for the future. SBT also reinforces its affection and support for the presenter in whatever paths she intends to follow, and informs that the doors will always be open for her.

About Eliana

Eliana’s career began in music, at the end of the 80s; In 1991, she arrived at SBT to lead children’s programs, and in her first stint at the station, she stayed for 7 years, marking a generation of young viewers on TV.

In 1998, he moved to TV Record, still managing children, until making the transition to the general public in 2005, in charge of a Sunday program that was successful at its inception.

The success caught the attention of Silvio Santos who invited her to return to SBT in 2009, debuting a program that bears her name, for the whole family, with different pictures, reports, fun and lots of emotion.

The Eliana program celebrates 15 years on air having shown the versatility of the presenter, who among countless attractions, climbed Christ the Redeemer, ventured to several states across Brazil and the world, always showing information and culture (Morocco, Dubai, Cappadocia, Galapagos…) , interviewed the most important celebrities in Brazil and the world such as Hebe Camargo, Anitta, Sandy, Xuxa, Angelica, Diogo Nogueira, Justin Bieber, Kate Perry, Taylor Swift, Chris Evans (Captain America), Antonio Banderas, TV stars, of cinema and the digital universe of the biggest influencers.

The paintings that made up and make up the attraction every year, make a mark on the public by providing light, fun, and very familiar content. Highlights include the culinary competition Minha Mulher que Manda, Beleza Renovada, Quer Casar Comigo, Famosos da Internet – the first part of a TV program to transport artists from the universe of social networks to open TV – Dia de Sorte, Eliana Visita , Fame Network, among others.

In these 15 years, Eliana has had live seasons, and remained in second place in audience ratings, being one of the programs with the greatest positive impact in the media, with wide acceptance in the advertising market, the result of a successful partnership between the presenter, her production team and director Ariel Jacobowitz.

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