Ana Maria Braga reveals disturbing diagnosis of anal cancer: ‘Minimal chance of survival’


Ana Maria Braga decided to speak openly about anal cancer that he faced in 2001. “When I managed to find out what I had, it was already advanced. And then I had a minimal chance of survival. So, it’s very scary”, he admitted in an interview with ” Fantastic”.

But what was to come, for the presenter, was even more unknown. What Ana Maria didn’t even imagine was that the disease was sexually transmitted. “It came from HPV and I didn’t have the slightest information about it,” she lamented.

Ana Maria Braga highlights that no one is to blame for illness

Taboo for many people, cancer caused by the HPV virus makes many women in particular feel guilty for having contracted it.

“You don’t have to feel guilty about getting cancer. You’re not to blame. Because you’re a sexually active woman. You’re a mother, you can’t be a mother without being sexually active. I think sexuality has to be faced the way it is. It’s a natural thing, made from nature, otherwise we wouldn’t be here”, he assessed.

It is worth remembering that when Ana Maria Braga contracted the disease, the HPV vaccine was not yet available through the SUS. Now, for a decade, children between the ages of 9 and 14 have been able to get vaccinated for free. Despite this, as the TV Globo program highlighted, adherence to this vaccine is still very low.

Ana Maria Braga opened up about agonizing pain

During an interview with Preta Gil, who also faced – and cured! – of cancer, Ana Maria Braga left discretion aside and detailed the treatment against cancer in the anus.

“It left me in a state of taking morphine every day because I couldn’t walk, in the parts where you have cancer, in this case the anus like I had and where there is liquid, theoretically, at that time the laser beam cooked. So the doctor said to me: ‘Look, you’re going to come here every day and sit on a barbecue plate’. A hot plate and it’s going to burn, that’s why I thought: ‘How does she get here?'”, said the artist, who has already faced the disease 5 times.

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