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see beautiful messages to send today (03/09)

see beautiful messages to send today (03/09)
see beautiful messages to send today (03/09)

Take care of all existing forms of life on the planet. This is one of the definitions of the Biologist, who celebrates his day this Saturday, September 3rd. Check out beautiful messages dedicated only to them.

BIOLOGIST’S DAY: see phrases and messages to send to professionals

Our world is built on biology, and when we start to understand it, it becomes a technology.

Happy Biologist Day! I wish I could see the world through the eyes of a biologist, everything is beautiful and harmonious!

Consciousness, to me, is a manifestation of complexity in biology. It is an emerging property.

My love for biology only increases my love for God, as I see all of His love in every detail of the universe.

Congratulations, biologists! More than ever, Earth and life need you.

Defenders of all life forms, congratulations! Happy Biologist Day.

Being a biologist is not just taking care of plants and animals, being a biologist is believing in the immortality of nature and wanting to preserve it always more beautiful.

Biologists are people who are dedicated to studying life and, therefore, have a very important role in society. Congratulations to all of you!

Biology is the study of complicated things that look like they were designed for a purpose.

I leave here my congratulations to all professionals who work in favor of life in all forms and manifestations. Happy Biologist Day.

Taking care of all forms of life is one of the noblest professions there is! Happy Biologist Day.

Biologists understand life from the smallest possible form to the largest in existence. Congratulations to all the professionals!

Congratulations, biologists! Gratitude for the work you do. The future of the planet is in your hands.

Being a biologist is not a job, it’s a way of life.

Biology is science. Evolution is the concept that makes biology unique.

Celebrating Biologist’s Day is celebrating biodiversity. May we all learn to respect all forms of life.

In times of destruction, the role of the biologist is more important than ever. Taking care of our ecosystem is taking care of our own life. Cherish these professionals!

Biology is love, biology is life and I want to dedicate myself to this study forever!

I didn’t choose biology, biology chose me.

Biology is to have as motivation the very essence of living. Happy Biologist Day.

Love for all living creatures is man’s noblest attribute.

Nature conservation is a complex process and a multidisciplinary challenge. Those who believe that biology and ecology will do the trick are wrong.

Today is Biologist Day! Professional who takes care of from the smallest cell to an entire ecosystem. Congratulations on all your dedication.

A biologist faithful to God understands His presence in all spheres of life.

Our world is built on biology, and when we start to understand it, it becomes a technology.

Real life

Living, with respect to biology is something very simple. A living being is one that is born, grows, reproduces or not and dies. The life that everyone asked God for, that is, to live is to be born, to grow up, to have children or not and to die. However, in reality, everything is very complicated, because biology does not say that for you to be born, it is necessary that an individual has loved someone being able to love you. She also didn’t say that when you grow up there are moments when you don’t want to grow anymore, she also doesn’t say that reproducing is something very complicated, in which love is the main “complicator”, however, in one thing she is right, to die. It’s simple, no love or hate needed, just the right timing. Maybe real life would be simpler, if we didn’t have the action of the “complicating” agent, love. The one who can make the cycle of life magical, beautiful and admirable or dramatic, sad and abominable.


And today is Biologist Day. What would the green of the leaves and the diversity of species be without you, biologist?
I wish you success in your career. Congratulations!


Each day nature produces enough for our lack. If everyone took what he needed, there would be no poverty in the world and no one would starve!

Be a Biologist

Biologist is not scared, receives an incoherent galvanic response.
Biologist doesn’t cry, he produces tear secretions.
Biologist doesn’t expect callbacks, he expects feed backs.
Biologist doesn’t fall in love, he undergoes chemical reactions.
Biologist doesn’t lose energy, he spends ATP.
Biologist does not divide, he does meiosis.
Biologist does not make changes, he processes evolutions.
Biologist does not die, he has histological death.
Biologist does not detach himself from the spirit, he transforms its energy.
Biologist leaves no children, has reproductive success.
Biologist does not leave inheritance, leaves gene pool.
Biologist has no inventory, he has hereditary.
Biologist does not leave rich heirs, because his value is by live weight.

Congratulations, biologist!


September 03, Biologist’s Day! Success and Prosperity to you!

September 3 is Biologist’s Day – PHOTO: Pixabay

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