Manoel Soares witnesses attempted femicide and reacts: “We screamed”

The host Manoel Soares revealed that he had already witnessed a assassination attempt against a woman. According to the journalist, the situation happened while he was having lunch with a group of friends.

The report was given during the program Meeting this past Wednesday (31). The matter came up after Manoel and Patrícia passed on the news about a businessman who was caught assaulting a model at the gym.



Since last weekend, the case has gained prominence in the media after Fantástico showed images of the man identified as Thiago Brennand going after the woman. But, despite the repercussion, the police chose not to indict the aggressor because it was a “crime of lesser offensive potential”.

“Pat, to give you an idea, yesterday we went to lunch with a group of friends here on TV, colleagues, and a man threw a car into a woman and we yelled at him: ‘stop, stop’, that’s when he accelerated the car and got out”, said the journalist. “So, well, there is a predisposition of some men to attack, so you have to inhibit that”, he concluded.


Shortly before, Manoel had already shown indignation with the unfolding case of aggression and the criminal’s impunity. “You really have to be indignant because it encourages other aggressors, other criminals to say ‘Oh, I’m going to hit you because it doesn’t work’, you have to review this situation“, shot.

Patricia was also shocked by the impunity of the case. She commented that the woman had an act of courage in making the complaint, even though she had a problematic answer.

“And it’s cowardice against women, and so, we know that it’s not easy for a person to put their face in front of the camera and tell a case like this, it’s not a pleasant thing. The model went, denounced her, went to the media to see if she saw a certain punishment, ”said the presenter.

target of fake news

Since the debut of the new Meeting, presenters Patrícia Poeta and Manoel Soares have suffered from a series of criticisms on social networks. That’s because, many people are pointing out a certain lack of “chemistry” between them.

Even having shown sympathy in the air, some people have criticized the two, especially Patrícia Poeta. In recent days, a series of rumors emerged about Manoel’s possible departure from the program.

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After generating the biggest buzz, the journalist had to go public to deny the gossip. “Guys, I didn’t ask to leave. This is not true”, assured the global

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