With Sonic-themed pancakes, restaurant makes special menu


A iHop snack bar chainlocated in the United States, launched a Sonic Superstar character themed menu in partnership with the famous SEGA series. Several new treats stand out on the menu, including Sonic pancakeas well as other themed and colorful gastronomic options.

Thus, customers of any iHop branch have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of dishes inspired by the game’s characters. It is important to mention that this restaurant chain is not present in Brazil, but it has more than 10 franchises in the United Statesmaking it an excellent option for your trip!

The menu highlights the Sonic’s Blue Blur Specialwith four delicious buttermilk pancakes packed with blueberries, providing a burst of flavors and energy.

Sonic’s Blue Blur Special. Photo by: iHop Disclosure

Another option is the Knuckles’ Chicken Sandwicha crispy combination of chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, cheese and buttermilk sauce, accompanied by golden onion rings.

Knuckles’ Chicken Sandwich. Photo by: iHop Disclosure

For Tails fans, the Tail’s 2x2x2 it’s the perfect choice, with two eggs, two pancakes, two strips of bacon and two sausages.

Tail's 2x2x2 - sonic - ihop
Tail’s 2x2x2. Photo by: iHop Disclosure

Chocolate lovers can’t miss the Shadow’s Chaos Chocolate Pancakesa stack of four pancakes filled with delicious chocolate chips.

Shadow's Chaos Chocolate Pancakes - sonic - ihop
Shadow’s Chaos Chocolate Pancakes. Photo by: iHop Disclosure

For refined palates, the Dr. Eggman’s Benedict features black forest ham, poached eggs and creamy hollandaise sauce, providing a sophisticated meal worthy of the genius Eggman.

Dr. Eggman's Benedict - sonic - ihop
Dr. Eggman’s Benedict. Photo by: iHop Disclosure

And for dessert, the Amy’s Sweet Strawberry Delight It’s a great option, with vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup and fresh strawberries on a golden waffle quarter.

new sonic special menu at ihop

About Sonic

Sonic, created in 1991 by Yuji Naka and Naoto Ohshima, is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Sega series of electronic games.

His first game, released in 1991 for the Sega Genesis console, was a great success, winning over players with its fast gameplay, charismatic characters and striking soundtrack, establishing him as Sega’s official mascot and a 90s pop culture icon.

Over the following decades, Sonic continued to evolve and starred in a variety of games, TV shows, comics and even a moviekeeping its popularity strong and gaining fans of all ages across the world.

Its lasting success can be attributed to its ability to stay relevant and innovative, with games that introduce new gameplay mechanics and exciting storiesremaining a prominent figure in video game culture and beyond.

Today, Sonic is more than a video game character; he is a symbol of nostalgia for older fans and a source of fun for younger generationswith an undeniable legacy in the video game industry and a growing popularity as one of the most recognizable and beloved characters.

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