Xbox Game Pass: the games that will be removed on April 15, 2024


Xbox Game Pass is a revolutionary subscription service that has transformed the way gamers access and discover games. With a constantly evolving library. However, part of this dynamic involves not only adding new games, but also periodically removing others from the catalog.

Recently, it was announced that in April 15, 2024, some games will be removed from Xbox Game Pass. This news may be disappointing for fans of these games, but it is an essential part of the service’s lifecycle. Games that will leave the catalog include:

  • Amnesia: Collectiona series of psychological horror games that challenge players to navigate frightening environments while dealing with memory loss.
  • Amnesia: Rebirtha continuation of the series that takes players on a harrowing journey of survival and discovery.
  • Phantom Abyssa procedurally generated temple adventure game where players must avoid traps and reach sacred relics.
  • Sumanother horror title that explores philosophical themes within an abandoned underwater facility.
  • Research and Destroya strategic action game that combines real-time combat with tactical planning.
  • Back 4 Blooda cooperative first-person shooter that pits players against hordes of zombies in a post-apocalyptic world.

The removal of games from Xbox Game Pass is often the result of licensing agreements coming to an end. While this means some titles have to leave, it also makes room for new games to enter, keeping the library fresh and exciting. For gamers, it’s an opportunity to try games they might not have considered before, encouraging exploration of new genres and studios.

For those who are disappointed about their favorite games leaving, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Games leaving Game Pass are often offered at a discount before their removal, giving players the chance to permanently purchase them at a reduced price.

Xbox Game Pass continues to be a valuable service for gamers, offering a wide selection of games for an affordable monthly fee.

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