Player disagrees with Tite and asks to leave

Player disagrees with Tite and asks to leave
Player disagrees with Tite and asks to leave

Planning in full swing

Flamengo’s squad is considered very qualified, but the Copa América will leave Tite’s team with many absences. Even so, the leaders continue to look for reinforcements.

© Getty ImagesTite has a lot of morals at Flamengo

Marcos Braz, vice-president of football, made a statement last Tuesday night (2) talking about the subject and left between the lines that news may appear soon.

Flamengo always monitors some players, not necessarily in that position, in all positions. We know the difficulties that Flamengo will have in calling up national teams, but I don’t think it’s possible to go to the market all the time and bring players”, he said.

Still talking about the cast of players, there is a foreigner who wants to seek new opportunities and leave the Flamengo. According to the communicator Fabricio Lopesthe right-back Santiago Ocampos wants to be released to play for another club.

Exit is the best way

Therefore, it must be borrowed. O Paraguayan He is 22 years old and his contract with the CRF runs until December in 2025. The Flamengo leadership is looking for a better fate for the defender.

At 22 years old, the side He understands that he needs to play more on the field to develop his career and, therefore, be an even better player. With Tite, he will hardly have a chance in the professional world.

O Volta Redonda he became interested in the player, but the deal did not go ahead. The Bolavip Brasil report found that the player’s departure must be completedthe next few days.

Flamengo leaders see quality in the defender, but not at the moment for the professional, given that Tite has Varela as a starter and Wesley on reserve.

Issues need to be resolved

Last night (2), Marcos Braz continued talking about other topics: “Playing at altitude, after a FIFA date is always bad, the situation of the game made us leave with a bitter taste”, he said, before completing :

But it’s Libertadores, we have to understand that. Their players ran too much, they also have to give credit to their players. Flamengo is on the right path”, completed.

“(The FIFA Data) always gets in the way, it’s travel, it’s different training and when the player arrives at a national team he always gives his all, he always does his best. There’s no way, when you go to a national team, you come back different”, explained.

Braz about Gabigol:”Flamengo is doing its homework to reverse this. It is our hope. I think this punishment was excessive and we hope that the international committee will review this”, concluded.

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