Tite justifies Flamengo’s draw and explains his stance at Libertadores: ‘We don’t try to manage’

Tite justifies Flamengo’s draw and explains his stance at Libertadores: ‘We don’t try to manage’
Tite justifies Flamengo’s draw and explains his stance at Libertadores: ‘We don’t try to manage’
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• Published on 02/04/2024 – 22:49 • Bogotá (COL)

Flamengo coach, Tite highlighted that he had no idea of ​​managing the result after opening the scoring in front of Millonarios. In a press conference, the commander justified the team’s stance, which led to a draw in the final stretch of the duel.

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At the time, Rubro-Negro had one more player on the field since Vásquez was sent off due to a penalty committed in Arrascaeta. However, the locals were unable to apply pressure and faltered behind.

– We didn’t try to manage the game, we continued attacking the opponent. We put three speed attackers. We didn’t put the team behind. We changed parts to have more “freshness”. Millonarios, with ten, had a low score. He delayed the line to counterattack. We didn’t know how to break this blockade. We are looking for the second goal. If we put everyone behind, we could have scored the second goal. That’s not our characteristic, it would be cowardice. What happened is part of the game, an individual play.

Tite also explained the decision to spare some names from the match, such as Ayrton Lucas, Léo Pereira and Luiz Araújo, who started the duel on the bench. In addition to the trio, De La Cruz was not listed due to a viral condition.

– We came with nine players who had some problem. Nine, from the last game until now. We had to do some review, I can’t go in with nine players, some feeling, some more details. Because, and this is the most important detail, we have players and a squad with a lot of quality. When you have a clinical or physical need for a decrease, naturally you have these great players to be able to participate. And that’s where the names you mentioned come in.

At the weekend, Flamengo returns to the field for the second leg of the Campeonato Carioca final against Nova Iguaçu. And next week, the team hosts Palestino for the team’s first duel in the Libertadores at Maracanã.



– Football sometimes presents you with different stages. Millonarios could have scored after 15 minutes of the first half, when they created volume and launched balls into the area. We missed a lot of passes, the altitude causes this, which prevented us from using the best quality attackers. The ball runs more. We came back better in the second half, with superiority and scored the goal. Football is like that. It has these details. Game dominated, with a chance to score the second. An individual play gave them the goal. Perhaps the only opportunity. We had a good second half, but we conceded the goal.


– Millonarios has had the same team for a long time. When athletes and coaches repeat, she plays without thinking. Combining individual technical quality is very important.


– First, Allan gives you rhythm. He is a player who gives you pace, short passes, volume. And it even allows Erick (Pulgar) to leave alternately. When you have both, one searches and the other has more freedom of infiltration. (There was) this marking by the opponent in the first half and we managed to get out of that first pressure with Allan’s good entry. When you have BH, you have players for the three front positions. The opponent exposing himself, he would have the opportunity for us to launch a counterattack. And don’t have any problems with the aerial ball. Apart from all the wear and tear, in terms of altitude, I have to renew the team. That was one of the aspects. You have to keep renewing it, like Millonarios did, and so did we after Ayrton joined us. You see that Varela got a cramp. We came on an exhausting trip after a game that was, for us, also quite exhausting. This whole context meant that I needed to use all the athletes, because the Flamengo group provides that.

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