Former sports director Sirval Gomes de Camargo dies at age 83, in Bauru

Former sports director Sirval Gomes de Camargo dies at age 83, in Bauru
Former sports director Sirval Gomes de Camargo dies at age 83, in Bauru

Former sports director Sirval Gomes de Camargo died in Bauru this Tuesday (2), aged 83. The cause of death was not disclosed. He was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Beneficência Portuguesa hospital.

The wake will take place from Tuesday evening at the Reunidas funeral home, on Rua Monsenhor Claro 3-8, and the burial is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

Sirval leaves three children, Kamila, Lucas and Roger Barude – the latter, in turn, Mayor Suéllen Rosim’s (PSD) current chief of staff –, in addition to his grandchildren.

Having graduated in physical education, it wouldn’t take long for him to become a teacher at renowned schools in Bauru. In love with Bauru, Sirval was also passionate about volleyball, a sport to which he dedicated his life.

But he went far beyond teaching. He decided to become a coach, putting into practice what he studied in college but, to a large extent, learned in life. Success was a natural consequence of this struggle.

Sirval was coach of the Bauru Atlético Clube (BAC) volleyball team for decades. He was so successful that he was later invited to lead the São Paulo women’s volleyball team, at the head of which he even played a match at the Maracanãzinho stadium.

In addition, Sirval also held high-ranking state sports positions. He was a regional sports delegate, for example, and also worked at Bauru City Hall, having been director of the Sports and Leisure Secretariat (Semel).

In 2014, in turn, he served as coordinator of Preve/Concilig Volei Bauru, inaugurating a new phase of women’s volleyball in the municipality.

“I was between 10 and 11 years old and I saw the passion he had for the sport. Not for sport in general, but for volleyball. He was highly respected as a coach in the sport”, his son Roger Barude told JC this Tuesday.

Despite his passion for volleyball, the former sports director was also a difficult player to beat at billiards. He spent hours competing with colleagues – including his son Roger. “He was very competitive. He got mad when he lost to me,” recalls Roger, smiling.

Multifaceted, Sirval was also a local cultural enthusiast. He didn’t miss a single edition of the city’s carnivals, especially the BAC clubs and also the Bauru Tênis Clube (BTC).

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