See the 10 Brazilian Championship clubs relegated in the state championships < No Attack

See the 10 Brazilian Championship clubs relegated in the state championships < No Attack
See the 10 Brazilian Championship clubs relegated in the state championships < No Attack
Ituano was the only team from Series B relegated to the state in 2024
(photo: Ituano/Miguel Schincariol)

The state championships are in the final stretch and some teams that will compete in some division of the Brazilian Championship have suffered relegation. Among the 124 clubs competing in the First to Fourth National Division, ten fell at the start of the season.

Only one club of those that fell in the state championships competes in the Second Division. The other nine will play in Series D.

See Brazilian clubs that were relegated


From Rio

  • Audax Rio: Last placed in the Carioca Championship, Audax was the only team relegated from the competition. The team’s campaign was one of the worst in the history of the state: they lost all 11 games they played, leaving without winning a single point. The Angra dos Reis team will play in Series D of the 2024 Brazilian Championship.


  • Mountain range: In the Capixaba elite since 2018, Serra had the second worst campaign in the state this year, with just five points, and was relegated to second place in the state alongside Estrela do Norte. In 2024, the team will compete in Série D for the first time in five years.


  • Atlético Cearense: Founded under the name Uniclinic in 1997, the club changed its name and visual identity with the arrival of striker Ari as manager in 2018. The team has accumulated participation in Series D since the name change and even gained access to the Third Division in 2021. However, Águia da Precabura spent only one season in Series C and, this season, suffered the first state relegation since Ari’s arrival.


  • New Hamburg: Champion of Gaúcho in 2017, Novo Hamburgo had been in the elite of the state for 10 years. The long run in the first division came to an end this year: the team was second in the championship, with just nine points, and fell alongside Santa Cruz. The team will compete in the Fourth National Division for the second consecutive time in 2024.


  • Iporá: in Goiano’s elite since 2017, Iporá will return to compete for second place in the state in 2025. The team, which will play in Série D for the third consecutive time in 2024, was last place against Goianão this year, with just five points, and fell with or Morrinhos.


  • Ipatinga: state champion in 2005 and runner-up in Series B of the 2007 Brazilian Championship, Ipatinga began to sketch a return to its glory days in recent years. The Vale do Aço team suffered successive relegations after competing in the national elite in an unprecedented way in 2008. Tigre had not played in Módulo I do Mineiro since 2011 and was relegated in the second year after returning to the First Division. Ipatinga will compete in Series D after a decade of absence from any division of the Brazilian Championship.
  • Sponsor: for seven years in the elite of state football, Patrocinense will return to compete in Module II of the Campeonato Mineiro in 2025. CAP withdrew from playing in the relegation playoff this year due to financial problems. The team from the city of Patrocínio will participate in Series D of the Brazilian Championship for the second consecutive year, after a series of withdrawals from clubs from Minas Gerais.


  • Ituano: in the Brazilian Series B since 2022, Galo de Itu had their drop confirmed in the Campeonato Paulista after losing 3-2 to São Paulo, on the 11th. The team had the worst campaign of the tournament and only scored six points. Ituano was the team from the interior of São Paulo for the longest time in the state elite – 25 years.
  • Saint Andrew: Champion of the Copa do Brasil in 2004, Santo André has been competing in Série D since 2021 and has been in the Paulista elite since 2017. On the 11th, the team was relegated even after beating Ponte Preta 1-0. the second worst campaign of the tournament and, like Ituano, only scored six points.

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