Santos hires six more players for the Under-15s and has more than twenty arrivals at the base


Evandro Melgaço came from Grêmio and has already scored two goals for Santos in a training game against São Paulo (Credit: Reproduction)

O Santos made six more signings for the Under-15 category. Guilherme Maia, Éder Luan, João Vitor Lima, Luís Amaro, Evandro Melgaço and George Costa were regularized with the BID (CBF Daily Newsletter) and can debut for Peixe. Coach Fábio Monte’s team duels against Mauaense this Saturday (06), at 2pm, at Anacleto Campanella, in the first round of the Campeonato Paulista.

There are 25 arrivals for the base. For the Under-20s, five players. Nicola Profeta and Alejandro Villarreal have not yet appeared at the IDB due to lack of communication from the Brazilian and Colombian federations. They were at Deportivo Cali with a professional contract and are waiting for the problem to be resolved.

Coach Orlando Ribeiro’s team has the state championship and the Brazilian Championship this month. In the Under-17, which also has Paulista in April and Brasileiro in July, there are eight signings. Finally, in the Under-15s, so far, there are twelve new players. The category must also have the Nike Cup and other unofficial tournaments.

Furthermore, last season, there were 27 exits from the base. Some were overdue and did not have their contracts renewed, others asked for termination or were released due to lack of drafts. Other players already had unfinished contracts.

See Santos’ signings for the youth teams (25):

  • 2004: Fernando Nava
  • 2005: João Pedro Constâncio, Alejandro Villarreal (not yet bidou)
  • 2006: Yuri Felipe, Nicola Profeta (not yet bidou)
  • 2007: Fabiano Monroe, Gabriel Paes, Gianlucca Mirto, Gustavo Assis, Nabil Neto
  • 2008: Henrique Silva, Iago Felipe, Nicolas Augusto
  • 2009: Alexsander Castro, Guilherme Araújo, Ian Vicentini, Lucas Camargo, Lucas Pinto, Nathan Rocha, Guilherme Maia, Eder Luan, João Vitor Lima, Luís Amaro, Evandro Melgaço, George Costa

See the exits from the Santos base (27):

  • 2003: Diogo Correia
  • 2004: João Inácio, Caio Padovam, Kauan Ferreira, Robert Souza
  • 2005: Orlando Neto, Felipe Ferreira
  • 2006: Henrique Miranda, Kauã Souza
  • 2007: Guilherme Dias, Pedro Diego, Pedro Levi, Asafe Mesquita, Murilo Coutinho
  • 2008: Thiago Brauwer, Weverton Fayfe, Enzo Freitas, Enzo Peres, Lucas Branquinho, Gustavo Justino, Moisés Braga, Victor Emanuel, Davi Lira
  • 2009: Lucas Silva, Harley Matheus, João Amorim, Rian Souza

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