Hulk’s right-hand man makes a comeback and gains significant numbers on Instagram

Hulk’s right-hand man makes a comeback and gains significant numbers on Instagram
Hulk’s right-hand man makes a comeback and gains significant numbers on Instagram

Right-hand man of striker Hulk, from Athletic, photographer Gledson Chaves reached an impressive number on one of his social networks. Reaching 200 thousand followers on Instagram has a very special flavor for him; mainly after losing an old account, with almost 50 thousand people, before becoming an employee of shirt 7.

On March 25, 2020, Rooster’s 112th birthday and the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Hulk transformed the future of Gledson Chaves dos Santos’ family. However, the story between them began in 2018, when the “Giraffe” was unemployed.

To occupy his time, he had the idea of ​​promoting Northeastern players on Insta. On his profile, he reached 47 thousand followers, but, due to copyright, he lost count. Before this happened, he had gotten a job at the entrance of a shopping mall. During lunch hours, Gledson continued to promote athletes and fellow countrymen, without charging a single Real for this.

“I went to my personal profile and focused on players born in Paraíba; nothing very professional. At that time I only talked to Hulk via direct message (Instagram), as he was still working in China. Unfortunately, the Covid pandemic came and the mall had to close. This, on March 20 (2020). Five days later, I received a message on my WhatsApp, which simply changed my life. It was none other than the “Incredible Hulk”, inviting me to work with him. Of course I accepted”, the photographer tells Itatiaia.

Gledson is a photographer and Hulk’s trusted man

Joy in the midst of pain

Despite his great joy at the life-changing opportunity, Gledson was going through a delicate moment. At the end of 2019, he had to live with the death of his father, Antônio, to whom he promised to never give up on taking great professional flights.

“Man, my wife was pregnant. I had expenses, like rent for the house where we lived. I was desperate, but God and my father sent the Hulk to me like a true angel. He gave me all the support I needed and encouraged me to take professional courses, focused on video editing programs. There, I didn’t think twice and asked for my leave at the mall to dedicate myself more to it.

Beloved by the athletic fans

If Hulk became one of the greatest idols in Atlético’s history, Gledson also fell “into the arms of Massa”. Before each match, he walks around the stadiums (Mineirão, Independência and Arena MRV), and can barely take two steps without being recognized.

The striker’s trusted man, the photographer is the one who is photographed on game days. Whenever he is among the fans, he receives affection and recognition for the work he has done, ever since he said “yes” to the number 7.

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