The exciting connection between Formula 1 and casinos

The exciting connection between Formula 1 and casinos
The exciting connection between Formula 1 and casinos

It is natural that, at first glance, the connection between Formula 1 and casinos is not obvious, since our favorite motor sport and gambling seem to be from different universes. Still, the fact is that not only do F1 fans tend to appreciate the casino’s offerings, but there is a more direct crossover between the two activities at two distinct levels: in the actual offerings on gambling platforms and in the spirit that surrounds both practices.

More connected than ever, Formula 1 fans don’t just watch the races, taking advantage of advice from connoisseurs, such as expert Luiz Carlos, to take their passions further, subscribing to gambling websites and taking advantage of casinos of integrated sports betting to expand the ways of interacting with sport. In fact, placing bets on F1 has been a trend since the 60s of the 20th century, having intensified with digitalization.

At the same time that online casinos and their betting shops attract a wider audience, both in Brazil and the rest of the world, data released by Liberty Media indicate that the Formula 1 audience is also increasingly broader and younger.

Today, we look at the exciting connection between Formula 1 and casino platforms, exploring the two main ways they intertwine.

Gambling and betting on Formula 1

The offerings of virtual casinos are very varied. In the world of gambling, themed games allow almost all players to find themed slot machines that they like. Furthermore, many casinos are, at the same time, sports betting platforms, exploring various modalities and markets.

1. Sports betting on Formula 1

Sports betting is perhaps the way F1 fans most like to connect with the sport and casino platforms.

Betting on F1 has been a trend for over 60 years, and the ease brought by the digitalization of processes, which allows placing bets online and from a cell phone, has made the practice even more popular.

Furthermore, the introduction of live betting on these platforms has further increased engagement and motivated bettors.

It is worth mentioning that many online casino brands are also recognized sponsors of F1 races.

2. F1 themed games

It is not just through sports betting that we find a direct and exciting connection between casinos and F1.

Among the various themes presented in the slots section, we find several games that deal with sports, including Formula 1. An example of a slot about F1 would be the title that Playtech launched in 2019, Wheels N’ Reels.

This way, those passionate about the sport can also explore other activities where the elements refer to the most emblematic races and athletes.

Emotion and competition: an extra connection between F1 and casinos

F1’s connection with casinos is not always direct, and there is also much of its spirit that creates an emotional relationship between both activities.

Based on competition, strong emotions and innovation, both activities have points of contact that may be more difficult to identify. We highlight the main ones:

1. Emotion and adrenaline

F1 races stand out for being exciting and full of adrenaline: two emotions that casino players also associate with gambling.

If the heart beats faster with adrenaline in the context of F1, where competitions like the GP take us to mind-boggling speeds and finicky overtakes of the best drivers, the fact is that the role of luck and the expectation of casino games can have the same It is made. Thus, emotion and adrenaline are also a connection point between the two activities.

2. Competition and risks

Both F1 and the casino game are highly competitive. In F1, a rivalry between drivers fills the tracks with excitement in the fight for the podium, while players try to achieve the best results in games against the house (such as blackjack or roulette) or other players (such as live poker).

Furthermore, both activities involve risks. Racing tracks are dangerous for drivers, with their tricky curves, incredible speeds and often adverse conditions. Casinos, based on randomness, can bring big profits or losses to players, depending on luck.

3. Innovation and technology

Finally, another aspect that seems to connect motor racing and casinos is the importance of innovation and technology.

In F1, technology is being the basis of the most advanced engineering used in cars, and this can directly change the results. In casinos, new resources create new gaming possibilities and promote dynamic and safe gaming methods.

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