Textor says he has “heavy evidence” that Palmeiras has benefited from manipulation of results


John Textor, owner of SAF do Botafogo, once again accused the Palm trees of involvement in manipulation of results. The businessman, this time, said that he has “heavy evidence” and “100% proven” that Verdão has benefited in recent seasons.

“We have heavy evidence, 100% proven that Palmeiras has been benefiting from result manipulation for at least two seasons. I’m sorry if this will create a fuss, but my evidence is 100% confirmed and I will send it to the prosecutors. So we can just play football. I’m here to defend the honor of our club. I guarantee that no one will manipulate matches against us this year”, he said in an interview with “Medeiros Channel“, at the Youtube.

This is not the first time that Textor has made statements regarding this topic, citing Palmeiras. In March, the owner of SAF do Botafogo spoke about an alleged case of manipulation in the game between Palmeiras and Fortaleza, for the Brasileirão of the penultimate season in a video published on his website. On the occasion, Alviverde expressed its opinion regarding the statements and informed that it would take the appropriate legal measures, in the civil, criminal and sporting spheres against the North American.

While in 2023, after Botafogo’s 4-3 defeat to Palmeiras, in November, at Nilton Santos, the businessman stated, in a tone of protest, that his team had been “robbed” due to the expulsion of defender Adryelson, in a controversial move that occurred when the duel was 3-1 for the Cariocas. Palmeiras won the Brazilian Championship last season, overtaking the Rio team, which led the tournament for most of the competition.

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