Corinthians is the only major outside the 2025 Copa do Brasil

Corinthians is the only major outside the 2025 Copa do Brasil
Corinthians is the only major outside the 2025 Copa do Brasil

Corinthians finds itself in a somewhat embarrassing position for a team of its magnitude, given that with Botafogo winning the Rio Cup last Sunday, the team from São Paulo became the only club in Serie A of the Brazilian Championship without a place. guaranteed in the 2025 Copa do Brasil.

Alvinegro faced an unexpected situation when it was eliminated in the first phase of the Campeonato Paulista, finishing in 11th place overall.

This meant that, unlike other major players such as Palmeiras, Santos, Red Bull Bragantino, Novorizontino and São Paulo, Corinthians did not secure their place in the national competition through the state tournaments.

Paths for Corinthians to secure a place in the 2025 Copa do Brasil

Despite the setback in the state championships, there are still ways for Corinthians to mark their presence in the 2025 Copa do Brasil.

The most direct route is through qualifying for next year’s Copa Libertadores, whether through the Brasileirão, winning the Copa Sudamericana title or becoming champion of the Copa do Brasil 2024.

This possibility keeps hope alive among the fans and the squad, who are looking not only for a place, but also for the prestige that comes with participating in these tournaments.

Outside the Libertadores

Even if qualification for the Copa Libertadores does not materialize, Corinthians still has a chance of securing a place in next year’s Copa do Brasil through another means.

If Brazil sends fewer than nine clubs to the Libertadores, the reserved places in the third phase of the Copa do Brasil would be redistributed to the best positioned teams in the Brasileirão that are not yet classified.

An example is Athletico, who, despite participating in the Copa Sudamericana, guaranteed their entry into the third phase of the Copa do Brasil due to their excellent campaign in the previous year’s Brasileirão.

Other clubs fighting for a place

It’s not just Corinthians that faces this challenge.

Eight other teams from Series B, including Avaí, Botafogo-SP, Chapecoense, Goiás, Guarani, Ituano, Mirassol and Ponte Preta, also failed to qualify for the 2025 Copa do Brasil through the state championships.

For these teams, the Series B title presents itself as a final opportunity, with Botafogo-SP and Goiás also having the chance to win the current edition of the Copa do Brasil.

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