Find out what changes with the end of Robinho’s isolation in the penitentiary

Find out what changes with the end of Robinho’s isolation in the penitentiary
Find out what changes with the end of Robinho’s isolation in the penitentiary

From the Editori

From the Editor

01/04/2024 – 9:44

Former football player Robson de Souza, known as Robinhowas arrested in Santos (SP) after the STJ (Superior Court of Justice) decided that he serve a nine-year sentence for gang rape in Brazil. He is in Penitentiary 2 of Tremembé, located in the interior of São Paulo, and his isolation period ended on Easter Sunday, the 31st.

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At Tremembé Penitentiary 2, new inmates stay for up to 20 days in an isolated cell for adaptation and sunbathe separately from other inmates. After this period, Robinho goes to a common cell, where he can have contact with other prisoners during sunbathing, workshops and reintegration activities and even play football.

The initial forecast is that Robinho will spend 10 days in a 2m x 4m cell with capacity for two people. In addition to interacting with other inmates, the former football player can receive visits from family members.

There, Robinho went through all the procedures common to other prisoners. The crime for which he was convicted occurred in a nightclub in Milan, Italy, in 2013. The Italian court sentenced the Brazilian for gang rape against an Albanian woman on January 19, 2022, after exhausting all appeals.

The STJ’s decision means that the player will serve his sentence in national territory, as the country does not extradite native Brazilians.

The penitentiary

Penitentiary 2 of Tremembé, known as P2 of Tremembé, has capacity for 584 prisoners between semi-open and closed regimes, but currently houses 434 inmates.

The place is known for housing inmates such as Alexandre Nardoni, Cristian Cravinhos (semi-open regime), Lindemberg Alves and Gil Rugai. The penitentiary also received Mizael Bispo, who served time for killing Mércia Nakashima, and Edinho, Pelé’s son.

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