Landim states interest in Gabigol’s renewal: ‘It will be in his hands’

Landim states interest in Gabigol’s renewal: ‘It will be in his hands’
Landim states interest in Gabigol’s renewal: ‘It will be in his hands’

This Sunday (31), Rodolfo Landim, president of Flamengo, participated in an interview on CBN Esportes. Among the topics discussed by the president, Gabigol could not be left out. Landim recapped what happened to the attacker in the doping case and also made an important statement about the player’s future at Gávea.

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Unlike previous speeches, Rodolfo Landim was direct on the topic of Gabigol’s renewal. Before, he recalled how Flamengo behaves with players during the end of their contracts.

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“The truth is that Gabriel’s contract ends on December 31st, and from June 1st he is free to sign with any other club. Flamengo has historically demonstrated that it extends the contract to the end and renews it at the end, We did this with Diego Ribas, Diego Alves, Filipe Luís, Bruno Henrique and they renewed it. It happened, for example, that we made a proposal to Everton Ribeiro and he received a better offer on the market. We couldn’t match it and wished us luck, he’s a person we adore.”

Landim also explained that the club is interested in renewing and hopes to have its idol in the coming years. Therefore, the decision will be in Gabigol’s hands.

We’re going to make a proposal. Gabigol will have this opportunity to decide, so we cannot talk unilaterally about whether we count on him or not. We will certainly want to count on him. But he may have other better opportunities than playing for Flamengo, it will be up to him to decide that.”

Gabigol case: Landim is confident of a reversal of sentence

Refuting fake news about the case, Landim reaffirmed that Gabi took all anti-doping tests and that they had negative results for any illicit substance.

“We have been aware of this process for a long time. I think we were worried about that. It is important to say that Gabriel took a doping test, a blood test and went to train. After training, he has a whole protocol that he has to go through for a certain amount of time (until the collection is done). He also took a urine test as required.”

The president did not ignore the player’s inappropriate conduct. This is because during the urine test, Camisa 10 tried to hide his genitals from the professionals. This attitude was interpreted as an attempt at fraud. However, Landim protested the Anti-Doping Court’s excessive punishment.

“It is a fact that perhaps Gabriel’s behavior, perhaps, was not as collaborative as possible, now, we take and condemn a player for two years without playing because of his behavior, and not because of the fact that he was doped or No, it’s something for us to think about. He is very important, he was very important in Flamengo’s history, and we are counting on him this year. So we remain confident that this decision will be reversed in the Swiss court, but we have to prepare.”

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