President of Flamengo explains why he will not accept Cruzeiro’s SAF model < In Attack

President of Flamengo explains why he will not accept Cruzeiro’s SAF model < In Attack
President of Flamengo explains why he will not accept Cruzeiro’s SAF model < In Attack
Landim hasn’t decided on a stadium yet, but he already knows what he doesn’t want at SAF
(photo: Gilvan de Souza/Flamengo)

President of Flamengo, Rodolfo Landim gave an interview to the radio CBN this Sunday (31/3) and commented on the possibility of implementing the Sociedade Anônima de Futebol (SAF) at the Rio club. The leader made it clear that he will not accept the model adopted by Cruzeiro, Botafogo and Vasco.

Landim also spoke about building a stadium for the red-black team. He estimated a cost of R$2 billion to realize the “dream of owning your own home”. Flamengo is looking for land in the Gasometer region and is trying to finance the project.

President of Flamengo points out unacceptable SAF models

Rodolfo Landim responded about one of the most recurring questions regarding the future stadium: a possible SAF. The red-black president has not yet given up on what he intends to do, but he has made it clear that he already knows what he does not want: accepting a proposed proposal in which Flamengo would lose control of decisions.

“I am a defender, perhaps the biggest at Flamengo, I argue that there is no reason why, unlike other clubs, Flamengo should not keep the sports association controlling football. When people associate the image of the SAF, how it came here in Brazil as a solution to save clubs from bankruptcy… you see Botafogo, Cruzeiro and Vasco selling % and completely losing control of football. I understand that Flamengo has no reason for this”

Rodolfo Landim, president of Flamengo

He also ruled out the possibility of a partnership similar to that between Palmeiras and WTorre. After signing the contract, the company gained the right to promote events at Allianz – including music shows – for 30 years. Now, nine years after the stadium’s inauguration, WTorre’s debt with Palmeiras reaches R$160 million, and the case ended up in court.

“In the Palmeiras model, the next day the partner is fighting with you, as he wants to increase the stadium’s revenue and reduce the club’s. This model is bad. We are seeing it, but I already anticipated the problems that Palmeiras is having,” he stated.

Praise for the Bayern model

A model that received favorable comments from Landim is that of Bayern Munich, from Germany. The club sold a minority portion of the capital and, therefore, did not lose decision-making power internally.

“Bayern sold 25%. It still has 75%. There are eight directors in the company and each minority partner has one. So, he rules the club”, concluded the director.

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