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SporTV team analyzed Brazilian teams in the Libertadores
(photo: Reproduction/SporTV/Canais Globo)

The program “SporTV Selection” promoted, on the afternoon of this Tuesday (2/4), a “tier list” of Brazilian teams that will compete in the 2024 Copa Libertadores. In the analysis of the professionals on the bench, Atlético emerges as a “candidate for the title” of the continental tournament .

Atlético is part of Group G of the Libertadores alongside Peñarol (Uruguay), Rosario Central (Argentina) and Caracas (Venezuela). The debut will be against Caracas, at 7pm (Brasília time) on Thursday (4/4), at the UCV Olympic Stadium, in the Venezuelan capital.

In voting with a “best of three” system, Galo was placed on the “second shelf” of Brazilians in the Libertadores. Below, see the votes of each of the program participants.

Atlético in the Libertadores: evaluation from SporTV professionals

  • Paulo Nunes (former player and commentator): “Atlético is a team that has already been champion. That counts in a competition like this. It’s starting now with a new coach. For several factors, for the moment Atlético is going through, he runs on the outside for me.”
  • Pedro Moreno (commentator): “For me, Atlético are candidates for the title. It has a very strong cast. For me, in South America, I think it ranks below only Flamengo. But I think there’s a squad with even more quality players than Palmeiras himself, and a new coach now – which I’m betting on a lot. I think Atlético has everything it takes for Milito to do a great job. From then on, I place Galo – having a great coach, having a great squad – as a candidate for the title.”
  • Renata Silveira (narrator): “I agree with both of them (laughs)! But, at the end of all this, I place myself as a candidate for the title. Among the three shelves, I think the Rooster is there on the second one. It’s obvious that it’s new work, and we always have to emphasize that. Because he is a new coach who is arriving, knowing Brazilian football and everything… But really, with Hulk, Paulinho and all the other strong pieces that Galo has, there is no way not to place Galo as one of the candidates for the title. ”

Brazilians in the Libertadores: “tier list” of the SporTV Selection

  • Favorites: Flamengo and Palmeiras
  • Title candidates: Atlético and Fluminense
  • Run outside: Botafogo, Grêmio and São Paulo

SporTV team analyzed Brazilian teams in the Libertadores(photo: Reproduction/SporTV/Canais Globo)

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