Outside of BBB 24, Pitel fires at his sister: ‘I can’t deal’

Outside of BBB 24, Pitel fires at his sister: ‘I can’t deal’
Outside of BBB 24, Pitel fires at his sister: ‘I can’t deal’

Deleted from BBB 24Giovanna Pitel participated in “Café com o Eliminado” this Wednesday morning (3), when she spoke with presenter Ana Maria Braga on “Mais Você”. During her participation in the morning show, the ex-sister criticized the behavior of a of the participants who remain confined to the reality show.

Pitel was eliminated during a triple Wallin which he faced the rivals, Alane and Beatriz, from Quarto Fadas. The woman from Alagoas complained, just as she had already done during confinement, about Bia’s actions on BBB 24. “Namaria, I won’t even tell you. There are things that are better… one of the things I pointed out about Bia is the debauchery, I can’t deal with it,” she stated.

“I think it’s childish, so I preferred to just ignore it, I said: ‘never mind’”, he explained about decisions during the game. “She likes the clash, because the clash is the certainty that the camera is on you. That’s what I experienced there. I will always position myself according to what I felt inside, and that’s what I felt from her,” she added.

Ana Maria recalled some moments of clash between the two in the gameincluding in one of the last sincerity in the house. “Oh, it made me nervous. Her always crossing someone, it was crazy. So you can see, Ana Maria, what we had to put up with”, joked with the presenter.

Pitel also defined the fights in the most watched house in Brazil as “a dispute over who shouts the loudest”, when questioned by the morning commander. “It doesn’t matter what the person is saying, the important thing is to speak louder than them,” said the social worker.

Ex-sister defined Beatriz as a ‘VT maker’

During another part of the program, Pitel had to use some adjectives to define participants. The woman from Alagoas chose “VT maker” for Beatriz and, at the request of Louro Mané and Ana Maria Braga, she also recalled another moment in the game that justified the decision.

“In the fight we had, when I made her look like a jester and said it didn’t feel natural, she took it and had already taken a stand. She passed, for me”, recalled the eliminated woman. “Then she made a scene saying the same thing. She went to see when everyone was calm, that the camera was on her, to say that she does this because she is on Globo, which is not natural for her”.

Pitel elimination

Pitel was eliminated at Paredão against Alane and Beatriz and lost the chance to compete for the prize of up to R$3 million. Now, there are eight contestants left on the show, with just 14 days until the grand final.

The woman from Alagoas left the program with 82% of the votes to leave in a triple Wall, with one of the biggest rejections of the edition. The rivals of Quarto Fadas, Alane and Beatriz, received 12.38% and 5.34%, respectively, of the average vote.

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