Man killed alongside his family told drug traffickers that he was the PM ‘battalion demolisher’ and gave instructions to catch ‘informant’ | Rio de Janeiro

Man killed alongside his family told drug traffickers that he was the PM ‘battalion demolisher’ and gave instructions to catch ‘informant’ | Rio de Janeiro
Man killed alongside his family told drug traffickers that he was the PM ‘battalion demolisher’ and gave instructions to catch ‘informant’ | Rio de Janeiro

Man killed next to his family told traffickers that he was a PM ‘battalion wrecker’

The Niterói, São Gonçalo and Itaboraí Homicide Police found that Philip demanded R$50 thousand to identify and hand over an alleged informant. At least R$ 11 thousand were paid. According to investigations, in the middle of the process the traffickers discovered that Filipe had never been a police officer and decided to kill him.

The conversations are between Filipe and Lucas Lopes da SilvaO Naíbaappointed as head of drug trafficking in Castro and suspected of being the person responsible for Filipe’s death. The app driver and plasterer told the criminal that he was the “Daredevil” by 7th BPM (Sao Goncalo).

The police did not disclose the name of the person who, according to Filipe, was an “x-9” infiltrated in the Castro, but she is listed as missing and is probably dead.

In dialogue with Naíba, Filipe warns that the target is in the Castro.

  • Philip: Now tell me, do you want to resolve this today? Take advantage of him being there.
  • Naíba: In the Castro?
  • Philip: Separate my money there, go. Now tell me to come down and I’ll send you a photo. I’ll still tell you where you’re going to get it. You will separate it there, you will send the motorcycle here to meet my motorcycle, as soon as it is there, I will send you a photo of it and tell you where it is falling. If you want, I’ll do even better, I’ll mark it as if I were going to meet him and you catch him cool on the track. That’s up to you.

1 of 1 Filipe Rodrigues, his wife, Rayssa Santos, and Lucas Lopes da Silva, known as Naíba — Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo
Filipe Rodrigues, his wife, Rayssa Santos, and Lucas Lopes da Silva, known as Naíba — Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

The conversations between Filipe and Naíba begin with the dealer already aware of the offer to hand over that informant. It is not known what day it was.

  • Naíba: Hey
  • Philip: Vision
  • Naíba: step friend [passou] that you have the vision of X [informante]. We are interested
  • Philip: How much will they pay?
  • Naíba: Firstly, who do I talk to? What do I call you?
  • Philip: Mn [mano] I’m from the battalion, You can save it there: demolisher. I already caught a beak of you in the garden
  • Naíba: Pg the vision: will we have concrete proof?
  • Philip: Of course, without ko [caô] pow. Just straight talk. There are no children here
  • Naíba: Tell me how much I see if it’s worth it
  • Philip: He [o “x-9”] You want to get the smallest one that buries your zippers, so you want to get it at the next job, so you have to see if it’s worth it. You know, if you go in and really look, you’ll find it. We already got one of marijuana from BR. Tlgd [tá ligado] that it’s not me alone. Already give the amount you are willing to pay so that it works for everyone. If the bglh [bagulho] leaving here and becoming gossip in the battalion, it’s difficult to help tooeven so as not to scare off X’s asshole
  • Naíba: I’m on
  • Philip: So, take a look and tell me the price, if everyone likes it, let us know
  • Naíba: I’ll give you the answer right there
  • Philip: Okay

Half an hour later, Naíba offers R$50 thousand for the ambush on the x-9. Filipe accepts, but complains, claiming that other PMs from the 7th BPM are involved in the scheme.

  • Naíba: You speak
  • Philip: Vs [visão]
  • Naíba: 50k
  • Philip: Calm down
  • Naíba: So it’s good for both sides
  • Philip: See if people here agree. 50k and a piece [uma arma] For when we need to make an incident here, maybe? They wanted 70 because we are at 7 here but I rolled it out.

Naíba proposes to pay the amount in installments, but asks Filipe for more evidence about the infiltrator.

  • Philip: Are you a player?
  • Naíba: But what I can do is 10 k every week until I hit that 50 k. And I need his audio to make a more concrete stop. This is man talk
  • Philip: It doesn’t work that way. Audio is difficult, there’s the conversation there, do you want more 100, what’s that? I was going to take advantage of the fact that he’s nearby and I’d sort it out today. It was done soon. Tell them to separate the 50k you have, you know that today you already get the X
  • Naíba: Mn here is a man’s parade. Send the audio so we can resolve it. If you want, you can also have a chat in person, so you can see what a solid conversation it is.

On March 15, according to the police station’s findings, Filipe set up an ambush for the informant, and Wesley participated in the capture.

Traffic hesitates, Filipe banks

On March 16th, Naíba and Filipe have a conversation in which it is possible to deduce that the two met and R$11,000 was handed over to “Daredevil”.

  • Naíba: I’m still unsure if you’re a plc [polícia] shit
  • Philip: But which one was it?
  • Naíba: See if you understand, you arrive with a ctt [contato] passing by [visões] which is even true… he came here and put on a show, I’ll change a pp [papo] it even matched what we already knew about their vision
  • Philip: I’m SD [soldado] mn, I’m the one on my team who recruits the most, I’m the one who has to resolve everything in the garrison, the difference is that I’ve been involved in several BGLH, misdemeanors, animal games, small machines, the guys here trust me to deal with the arrego [propina] our (…). We don’t need a formal introduction, brother, what we need is straight talk from each other, I will take the X for you and you will follow the 39 that are missing

The hours pass, and Filipe demands the rest of the settlement from Naíba. Possibly at that time the traffic had already discovered the scam.

  • Philip: What ended there? Speak nb [Naíba]. We are waiting for you here. Shall we wake up??? No, everyone is waiting for you here to get the rest of the agreed CNTG money. What’s up? I gave you the chewed up stuff
  • Naíba: go to sleep cr [cara]
  • Philip: I already told you: those who sleep don’t see the train pass. I already went to Bangu today. We are here waiting for you to burn some meat. How was yesterday with X?
  • Naíba: Laborious
  • Philip: But his situation is over, right? But as I told you last week, I have some friends who live far away, Cabo Frio, Saquarema, I’m the one who lives closest, try to unfold the goal then cr to get ahead of the guys soon

Without an answer, Filipe insists.

Philip: Iai mn. Talk to me. The cr are suffocating here already. This is so much nonsense. Money is already separated. You already got the X. Now just forward our part and Brazil pow

Until, on the night of March 17, Wesley guides Filipe to get the money — but it was already the ambush.

  • Filipe: Hi, did you get it?
  • Wesley: Yes, will I take it right there?
  • Filipe: Come straight home

But Wesley I was changing the delivery location and drew Filipe closer and closer to the Castro. Until the Voyage where Filipe was with his wife and son was riddled with bullets.

“We were able to identify that the car was hit for more than 20 shots”, explained delegate Willians Batista.

“The shots were concentrated in the front and on the side, in two points, all of them aimed at the driver [Filipe], as the main target. 40 caliber and rifle cases were seized, which indicates two at least two shooters”, he added.

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