Does ginger help control diabetes? See benefits of food

Does ginger help control diabetes? See benefits of food
Does ginger help control diabetes? See benefits of food

Discover how this root can transform your health in many surprising ways

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With a medicinal history dating back centuries, ginger not only adds a unique pop of flavor to a variety of dishes, but also offers a host of health benefits. This versatile food is praised for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, making it a popular choice for those looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Furthermore, ginger is a low-calorie option, containing only around 80 kcal per 100 grams, and is a source of essential minerals such as magnesium and potassium. Available in different forms, from fresh to crystallized and powdered, ginger offers a variety of options for incorporating it into your daily diet and enjoying its nutritional benefits, thus boosting the body’s overall well-being.

See 6 benefits of the root:

Improves digestion:
Ginger is recognized for improving digestion, helping the pancreas to produce more enzymes that promote the absorption of nutrients. Furthermore, its components prevent and neutralize gastric ulcers and accelerate stomach emptying, which can alleviate symptoms of chronic indigestion.

Relieves osteoarthritis symptoms:
Studies show that ginger has anti-inflammatory effects that can reduce pain and improve mobility in people with osteoarthritis. The consumption of ginger extract has shown positive results in patients, reducing the need for medication to control the discomfort of the disease.

Helps control diabetes:
The gingerols present in ginger have properties that help control type 2 diabetes, improving insulin secretion and reducing blood glucose levels. Studies reveal that daily consumption of powdered ginger can lead to a significant decrease in blood glucose.

Fights infections:
Gingerol, found in fresh ginger, is effective in reducing the risk of bacterial infections, including respiratory infections. Additionally, ginger fights oral bacteria related to gum problems and is effective against respiratory syncytial virus, commonly associated with infections in newborns and children.

Relieves symptoms of respiratory problems:
The decongestant and expectorant properties of ginger help clear the airways, providing relief from symptoms of flu, colds and bronchitis. Furthermore, its anti-inflammatory substances can reduce bronchospasm, making breathing easier during bronchial crises.

Prevents Alzheimer’s:
Preliminary studies suggest that ginger may have a role in preventing Alzheimer’s by decreasing symptoms in animal models. It is believed that its antioxidants and compounds can inhibit inflammatory responses in the brain, contributing to reducing the risk of this neurodegenerative disease. The information is from UOL.

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