Companion accuses Lula’s son of physical and psychological attacks: “I was elbowed in the stomach”

Companion accuses Lula’s son of physical and psychological attacks: “I was elbowed in the stomach”
Companion accuses Lula’s son of physical and psychological attacks: “I was elbowed in the stomach”

São Paulo – Youngest son of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), Luís Cláudio Lula da Silva, aged 39, is accused of frequent attacks by doctor Natália Schincariol, with whom he had a relationship for around two years, until the alleged episodes of domestic violence have intensified.

Natália registered an electronic police report against Luís Cláudio in the early afternoon of this Tuesday (2/4), at the Women’s Police Station in São Paulo. She then gave a statement via videoconference, in which the doctor’s identity was confirmed.

In the BO, obtained exclusively by Metropolises, the 29-year-old victim states that “the attacks are of a physical, verbal, psychological and moral nature”. She reports that Lula’s son gave her “an elbow in the stomach” “in one of the fights at the end of January this year”, when he allegedly refused to hand over his companion’s cell phone.

According to her, cases of violence “have intensified over time”, putting her physical and mental integrity at risk. To the MetropolisesNatália confirmed the accusations against Luís Cláudio presented in the police report.

She told the police that she had already been removed from work for a month, “due to the trauma caused by the attacks”, and “hospitalized with anxiety attacks”. She also said that she receives constant threats and insults from Luís Cláudio, being called “mentally ill”, “slut” and “crazy”.

In the police report, she says that Lula’s youngest son “had unprotected sexual relations with other women” and that he “came home drunk” and tried to enter her room even though she asked him to stay away.

The victim also claims that she has been “manipulated” and “threatened” not to report the attacks, under the allegation that the attacker is the son of the president and that “he has the influence to escape the accusations”.

In a statement, lawyer Carmen Tannuri, who defends Luís Cláudio, denies the accusations and says she will sue Natália.

“We are aware of the fanciful statements that were made by the doctor, attributing untrue and fanciful attacks to our client, whose lies fall within the types of crimes of slander, insult and defamation, in addition to responding for compensation for moral damages, reasons for which they will be the relevant legal measures have been taken”, he says.

Youngest son

Luís Cláudio is the football director of the Amazon team Parintins Futebol Clube. This year, the club was authorized by the Ministry of Sports to raise R$1.5 million to facilitate a school project for children and teenagers, as revealed in Guilherme Amado’s column.

In February, Luís Cláudio publicly complained about the removal of the name of his mother, former first lady Marisa Letícia — who died in 2017 — from his father’s post on social media about the PT’s 44th birthday. After the complaint, Lula’s post was edited, and Marisa’s name was inserted.

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