the first day of Rock in Rio

the first day of Rock in Rio
the first day of Rock in Rio
Alanis, Sasha and Prior on the first night of Rock in Rio 2022 (photo: Brazil News and AgNews)

news summary:

  • Metal Day marked the first night of Rock in Rio 2022

  • Sasha Meneguel had 4 security guards to circulate around the event

  • Mel Maia told Yahoo that she only wears short clothes and is terrified of cargo items

The first day of Rock in Rio 2022 was a lot of metal and heavy rock with Iron Maden as the headliner of Palco Mundo. In the audience, among the various lounges and Vipão of the event, celebrities took the opportunity to enjoy the shows and earn money from advertising. Sasha Meneghel punched in Natura, Mel Maia in Tim, Prior and Babu in Americanas and much more and we’ll tell you everything!

The daughter of Xuxa Meneghel and her honorable husband, João Figueiredo, were the most anticipated celebrities in the City of Rock. The biggest names watched the Nave action by the cosmetics company in one of the Olympic Arenas and then went to the company’s lounge, which is next to other brands. For about 30 minutes she photographed, made publicity videos and signed a manifesto in defense of the Amazon rainforest.

But it wasn’t all leafy trees. That’s because Sasha was accompanied by four security guards and a large team, the young model and designer was heavily armored. The brand’s team even almost missed the moment she signed the manifesto because the film crew was already demobilizing. When they arrived she had to pretend to fill in again for the camera. Accompanied by four security guards and aides, she failed to respond to most fans and returned to a service area behind the lounge.

A very different attitude from João, who after leaving his beloved in the safest place, returned closer to the public to photograph his brother, who was at a big event for the first time. Without security guards and a good square, the young singer had a chat with the journalists and commented that he and his wife buy clothes for the two of them to wear.

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One of the most sought-after people at the moment came out French at Rock in Rio. Alanis Guillen was willing to have fun and got a ride in a cart to an exit to the track next to the Mundo Stage and threw herself. The interpreter of the most famous jaguar in Brazil, in “Pantanal”, enjoyed the crowd during the show of the band Iron Maden and without security.

But as all stewardship is welcome, after the presentation the actress took refuge in the event’s Vipão, like any good protagonist of a nine o’clock soap opera. In space, she posed with her friend Clara Buarque.

girl close-up

the influencer Little Lo hit Tim and promised that he will deliver a lot during his first time at Rock in Rio, especially in the production of looks. In conversation with Yahoo, the young psychologist advanced what we can see in the next two days of the event.

“(Today) My look is inspired by the day of rock. First day and I came to character. I’m all in the mood. And it’s my first time at Rock in Rio too. In the next few days I wear shorts, one day I wear pants, the other with a fancy sweatshirt, so, right, she will deliver”, he joked.

walked that tired

Who also showed up at Cidade do Rock was the unbeatable duo Felipe Prior and Babu Santana. They ended the metal night at Vipão, but first they went through some lounges and the São Paulo native took advantage of the slightly more reserved space to relax and relax. Fair enough, since with more than 380 thousand square meters there is a lot of walking during the event.

Sought by the press to give interviews, even because he is again one of the most quoted to enter the next edition of “A Fazenda”, in just over 10 days, he preferred not to talk. It looks like he won’t go on other days of the festival, will he be confined yet? Time will tell.

nothing long

Mayan honey was one of the actresses who made money at Rock in Rio. Hired by TIM to attend the brand’s lounge, she was surrounded by friends and ready to enjoy the festival like never before, as it’s the first time she’s gone after turning 18.

The short look is Mel’s signature and she explained to Yahoo that this is the north of her style. “I wore a short skirt because I like to wear short skirts, short shorts. But I would never wear a cargo skirt, I hate it,” she revealed to Yahoo.

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