The cute habit Cha Eunwoo developed thanks to Moonbin

The cute habit Cha Eunwoo developed thanks to Moonbin
The cute habit Cha Eunwoo developed thanks to Moonbin

Discover the cute habit that Cha Eunwoo acquired under the influence of ASTRO’s Moonbin

In K-pop, due to the training period and busy schedules of artists after debut, idols often end up spending more time with their group members than with their own family. For this reason, it is extremely common that, over time, they end up developing habits that were influenced by other members.

ASTRO, for example, debuted eight years ago, however, many of the members have been friends for much longer, if we consider their trainee years. With this, they have revealed numerous times that, due to the time they have lived together, they ended up acquiring each other’s habits.

In an interview with the portal Nate Pann (via Koreaboo), when asked about a compliment that gives him strength, Cha Eunwoo revealed that, thanks to Moonbintoday you have the habit of comforting yourself by telling yourself that “everything is fine”, to calm your nerves and not worry so much.

“‘It’s okay’. It’s actually closer to a word of comfort than a compliment. Although it’s something I do to reassure myself better, it actually gives me strength. The Cha Eunwoo I know is hardworking and is someone who has a lot of responsibility. I do my best not to be discovered, but I have a lot of greed to do well in this and that. Because of these tendencies of mine, I know very well that it could cause me difficulties”, he said.

Cha Eunwoo and Moonbin, from ASTRO / Credit: Reproduction/X/offclASTRO

Eunwoo continued stating that “Whenever this happens, my friend of the same age at ASTRO, Bin, play with me. Sometimes, Bin Guess how I’m feeling and tell me ‘it’s okay, Eunwoo-yah‘, as if it were no big deal. As I heard this from him around me, I developed the habit of saying to myself, ‘It’s okay, Eunwoo-yah‘, also. I once even told a company employee ‘it’s okay, don’t worry’. It’s a very common word, but I think it can immediately convey warm feelings to someone.”

Cha Eunwoo in Brazil

In 2024, Eunwoo will become the first member of ASTRO to perform on Brazilian soil. The singer and actor has a unique performance scheduled for June 1st, in São Paulo, where he will bring the fan concert “Just One Ten Minute ” to Vibra São Paulo, in the capital of São Paulo.

Currently, all tickets are sold out, and there are no confirmations about a possible new date. According to the journalist José Norberto Flesch, known for announcing shows, a second presentation was being negotiated with the artist’s production team. To date, Fantagio Entertainment, the company responsible for Cha Eunwooand GigMusic, the show’s producer, have not yet commented on the matter.

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