Google announces launch of ‘loyalty’ program in Brazil

Google announces launch of ‘loyalty’ program in Brazil
Google announces launch of ‘loyalty’ program in Brazil

Google announced, during the Games Developer Summit, that it should launch the Play Points rewards program in Brazil later this year.

The system allows you to accumulate points when making purchases on the Play Store, which can be exchanged for benefits such as store credits, discounts and special items in selected applications.

Just like a loyalty program, users can advance to the next level to earn points faster and receive weekly rewards.

The program will launch with Google Play Pass, which offers access to hundreds of ad-free games and apps with a monthly or annual subscription.


Play Points already has more than 220 million registered users in the 33 countries in which it is active around the world, being a strategy for Google to encourage user loyalty and reward engagement on its platform.

Data indicates that more than 70% of points earned in a game are reinvested in the same game, benefiting developers.

The company did not specify the date when Play Points should be launched in Brazil in 2024.

How do Google Play Points work?

  • Users earn points when they make purchases on the Google Play Store, including apps, movies, books, and more, and when they use featured free apps and games.
  • Points can be redeemed for special in-app items or for credit on Google Play to rent movies or buy audiobooks.


  • Developers can offer in-app products or discount coupons in exchange for points accumulated by users.
  • Participation in the program can increase developers’ revenue by up to 30%.
  • Integration with the Play Console simplifies contractual and configuration processes.


Users can advance in level from Bronze to Platinum to earn points faster and receive weekly rewards.


  • Developers can set up coupons and products in games by following an onboarding guide.
  • Coupons have pre-defined values, while in-app items allow for personalized discounts.

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